Artilium introduces KYC solution

Artilium has introduced the KYC (know your customer) solution for secure and easy identification and authentication of mobile prepaid customers.

Artilium says the KYC Solution will provide a uniform and safe method to quickly and correctly identify and authenticate customers and users of currently anonymous mobile prepaid cards.

Purchasing and using a prepaid phone card anonymously will no longer be allowed in a number of countries in the coming months and this solution is a user friendly solution for registering customers.

The KYC solution is not limited to mobile prepaid registration and is also effective for any application involving identification and authentication of eID as well as many other applications such as WIFI hotspot registration.

The service comprises online registration tools for shops and users of prepaid mobile phones and supports Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets alongside Windows and iOS for desktop. For the Belgian market a specific integration has been established with Zetes, a supplier of eID solutions, which facilitates the identification online using an eID card reader.

Chief executive Bart Weijermars said: “We are excited about the expansion of our telecom services and applications by adding the KYC Solution to our portfolio. This new prepaid registration application offers our customers the optimal guidance and support in identifying customers in an affordable and secure way.”

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