Acacia senior employee prevented from leaving Tanzania

Acacia mining has confirmed that a senior international employee of its wholly owned subsidiary Pangea Minerals was prevented from leaving Tanzania this morning.

His passport was seized and he was detained at the Dar-es-Salaam airport for a period of time.

Following legal intervention, he was released and his passport has been returned.

The Company said that this incident follows on from increased levels of pressure from Government agencies on Acacia employees in the past 48 hours, due to its ongoing dispute with the Government of Tanzania.

In a statement, the Company added:

“Acacia re-iterates that it operates in full compliance with Tanzanian law, has declared everything of commercial value that we have produced and has paid all appropriate royalties and taxes. The Company will keep the market regularly informed as to developments as they occur in Tanzania when they are of a sufficient materiality in the context of what has already been disclosed.”

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