Pension annual allowance

Pension tax

Don't scrap pensions tax relief. We need people to save more, not less

Scrapping higher-rate pension tax relief would amount to double taxation and discourage retirement saving, thereby depriving the economy of crucial …
5 Mar 2020
Pension tax

Why it makes sense to scrap higher-rate pensions tax relief

The point of pensions tax relief is to keep you out of the means-tested benefits system. The current system is ridiculously generous, says Merryn Some…
24 Feb 2020
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The pensions annual allowance debacle spreads beyond the NHS

The annual allowance that has wreaked havoc in the NHS has spread to the armed forces – and is a perfect example of how higher taxes can actually redu…
29 Aug 2019
An NHS doctor secures his face mask © Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg via Getty Images
UK Economy

A job for the next chancellor: abolish the pensions annual allowance taper

The government is consulting on the pensions annual allowance taper that is wreaking havoc in the NHS. Much better would be to simply abolish it, says…
24 Jul 2019
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UK Economy

How the pension contributions annual allowance is crippling the NHS

NHS doctors are responding to the perverse financial incentives of the pension contributions annual allowance scheme by just not doing any extra work.…
9 Jul 2019