Small business

Small business loans: how best to finance your firm's assets

Banks won’t lend much to small businesses, but there are plenty of other sources of cash.
4 Mar 2020
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Small business

Small business owners should beware when backing their business debt

A personal guarantee makes you liable for your firm’s debt. Tread very carefully.
2 Oct 2019
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Alternative investments

P2P lending hits a speed bump

The P2P lending sector is slowing, but it remains appealing in an era of zero interest rates, says David Stevenson.
3 Sep 2019
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Alternative investments

The demise of Lendy, and why P2P can’t reinvent the basics of finance

If you are offered a temptingly high return on anything, says Merryn Somerset Webb, it is because it is illiquid and risky. That’s something that inve…
24 Jul 2019
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Don’t stop at forgiving student debt – forgive everyone’s debt

A jubilee for student debt is an attractive idea but not a fair one, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Better to give everyone a hefty lump sum – whether the…
1 Jul 2019
Investment strategy

The leveraged loan bubble

Lenders are writing cheques for highly indebted companies at record rates. What could possibly go wrong?
23 Nov 2018
Alternative finance

P2P car loans for subprime borrowers

A peer-to-peer platform, Buy2Let Cars, claims investors can get a bumper return from leasing cars to people with less-than-perfect credit histories. 
12 Oct 2018

A time bomb in cov-lite loans

“Cov-lite loans”, which do not require a borrower to pass financial tests, have proliferated amid the desperate global search for yield.
7 Sep 2018

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James Benamor: Britain’s billionaire subprime lender

James Benamor escaped a troubled childhood and survived the 2008 financial crisis. Now he has carved out a profitable niche in a controversial industr…
20 Jul 2018

What are leveraged loans and why should you worry about them?

Investors are flocking to “leveraged loans”. John Stepek explains what they are and why they could send markets into a downward spiral.
16 Jul 2018
Personal finance

Beware: executors are liable for inheritance tax

Make sure you’re up to date on the responsibilities that come with being an executor before you agree to take on the role.
1 Jun 2018

Bullet repayment loan

A 'bullet repayment loan' is one where the borrower repays the capital in one chunk at the end of the term of the loan.
29 May 2018

PIK note

A “payment-in-kind” (PIK) note (or loan) is a way for companies to borrow money.
17 May 2018

Student loans: yet another reason they won’t ever be repaid

So few student loans are now being paid off that the government would have been better off not reforming the system at all. It’s all down to ‘salary s…
23 Jun 2015

The student 'loans' that will never be repaid

The absurdity of the student loans system means that even relatively well-paid graduates won't be able to pay off the full amount over their working l…
21 May 2013

Want a degree for free? No problem - if you are a pensioner

It would be nice if all adult learners could have their tuition fees paid for by the state. But the fact is, the state can't afford it.
14 Jan 2013

Bridging loans: tread carefully

The Bank of England's rate cuts have brought traditionally-expensive bridging loans down to levels where many people might be tempted. But is it reall…
13 Mar 2009