Should you get your child a Jisa?

If you have any money left over once you’ve used up your tax-free allowances, you could consider a junior Isa for your children. But keep an eye on normal children’s [...]

When it comes to buying shares and funds to put in your Isa or pension, there are several investment platforms or online brokers to choose from, all offering different fee structures to suit varying individual investing habits.

How to invest in a stocks and shares Isa

In this short video tutorial, Ed Bowsher runs through the nuts and bolts of opening a stocks and shares Isa, and gives you some investment ideas to consider.

Innovative Finance Isas available to invest in now

Innovative Finance Isas have been around since April 2016, but are only now becoming widely available. Here, we present a comprehensive list of IFIsas available to invest in now.

Why the new combined Isa could mean a much better return on your money

Combining cash and stocks & shares Isas ought to mean that investors will get a better return on cash waiting to be invested.

I’m shocked to be saying it – but this was a great Budget for investors

This year’s Budget contained a few happy surprises. John Stepek explains what that means for investors and savers.

Budget 2014: huge revolution in Isas and pensions

George Osborne surprised just about everyone with substantial changes to pensions and Isas. Ed Bowsher looks at what’s new.

Budget 2014: The headlines

Ed Bowsher runs through the main points of today’s Budget statement, and looks at how they will affect you.

Get a step ahead of the taxman

With spring arriving, tax may be the last thing on your mind. However, with a bit of thoughtful and intelligent planning you can make sure you don’t end up paying more tax than you have to. Matthew Partridge looks at the best ways to save tax-free.

Budget 2014: what you need to watch out for

Tomorrow’s Budget will be George Osborne’s last before the general election. Ed Bowsher looks at what we might hear from the chancellor.

International stocks: Consider costs before investing abroad

You don’t have to give up the tax benefits of an Isa to buy stocks listed on foreign exchanges, but the rules and costs can be more confusing than with UK stocks. Here’s what you need to know.

Japan: It’s not too late to join the party

There’s no doubt that the turnaround story of 2013 was Japan. The MSCI Japan index gained more than 50% over the year, making it the world’s best-performing major market. And there is room for more in 2014.

Pull up a chair and enjoy the investment platform price war

A price war is finally underway among fund supermarkets. Merryn Somerset Webb looks at what that means for your investing.

Why you can stay with Hargreaves Lansdown after all. Probably

Good news – investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown has backtracked on its controversial charges for investment trusts.

How to avoid the 'fees iceberg' when investing in tracker funds

Changes to the fees charged by investing platforms could leave investors in passive funds at a disadvantage. Paul Amery explains.

How will new rules affect fees on investment platforms?

New rules coming into force will affect the fees charged by fund supermarkets. Cris Sholto Heaton explains what that means for you.

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