MoneyWeek TV: Where to put your Isa money

In this week’s edition of MoneyWeek TV, Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek talk about where they’re putting this year’s Isa allocation; Tim Bennett explains why you might want to look at preference shares; and Tim Price talks gold.

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  • Angela

    I was interested in the IT suggestions Merryns put forward. Having retired, I am looking to idiot- proof my portfolio so as to produce income that does not need constant supervision as I get older.
    It is a different investing agenda, but as we baby boomers pass our sell by dates our motivation changes.
    Incidentally, where I live there is a new baby boom going on. There is not one primary school in the region that does not need an extra class. Lots of new taxpayers coming up!

  • Dylan Montgomery

    Yes another baby boomer who pension fund wanted to move the assets from Guernsey to Cyprus to be held in a bank with the HQ in Tanzania and branches in Cyprus and Moscow and trustees in the Seychelles. Wonder why I was concerned about this ‘not to miss’ offer and refused?

  • David S

    Yes Angela but not for another 20 years! Even that assumes that they will then be in work! I wouldn’t factor that one in if I were you!

  • Tom Roundhouse

    Excellent stuff. Short and to the point.

  • Steve

    I’m familiar with the presenters’ views generally having read a great deal of what they have written over the years, and find their views very interesting. However, particularly when discussing gold as an investment, inflation hedge, store of value etc I can’t remember the case against gold being made (at least at these high levels).
    I accept totally the positive arguments for gold, but surely at the level gold is currently at there is a significant speculative element in the price? In other words is gold overvalued/risen too far too quickly etc? There is a level at which gold reflects the uncertainty in the world, currency debasement etc. The difficulty as with most investments is what is fair value in order to make that investment. I would like to see a more balanced case made for gold.

  • JA

    Can I make a suggestion for one of your video tutorials?

    Inflation-linked gilts. It’s not easy to find the technical details of these.

    Many thanks


  • BJP

    one silver play worth doing your research on and already isa’able is AGQ arian silver. In the last few days they have agreed a transformational deal which should lead to decent size production. they recently got a toll mill up and running so now have a cash flow again. Worth a look?

  • Elvis Presley

    Good programme this week (again). Very interested in Tim’s views on gold, but more specifically would like to see something on gold miners; owning them at the moment feels like having something stuck to my shoe. I appreciate it might be uncomfortable for someone to turn up and admit they have been a disaster, but misery loves company.
    Also, could MSW be replaced as the presenter of MWTV, she’s disproportionately distractingly attractive for such a role.

  • mike

    silly oisy music
    just what was the ‘pref. share supposed t acheive???
    not that the iSA vid enlightened anyone
    sum up
    just what is he sayng abut gold??/
    Must do better
    No charge!

  • Goldbug44

    Agree with Tim. It’s difficult to remain steadfast on gold,but if you follow Jim Rickards ,Max Keiser and even Nigel Farage, you’ll appreciate that QE to infinity can only have one ending.

    Also agree with Elvis….MSW disarmingly attractive,but (as Dame Edna would say:- “I mean this in a caring way) with all her money, she might just pop along to the local orthodontist

  • Mike G

    Oh dear! Very disappointing. Back to first principles. The sound comes through as extraordinarily ‘woolly’. Muffled, with too much bass and insufficient treble. Check the acoustics of the studio. Check microphones. John was unintelligible with almost inaudible mumbling.
    Once the transmission is sorted I’ll comment on the contents.
    With best wishes for a welcome development.

  • A Different Mike G

    I’m an absolute fan of the writings of all three of today’s presenters, especially John Stepek. But, John, you’ve got to get a bit more presentational practice. Unlike Merryn and Tim your mumbling does not do justice to your incisive penmanship.

    Having said that, it’s good to now have MoneyWeek TV alongside the rest of the output from Bill Bonner’s savvy squad. Keep going, guys!

  • dialucrii

    @12 A different Mike G

    I completely agree and I’m sure with more practice John’s studio skills will improve. What I would say as a fellow Scotsman is that it’s great to see a Scotsman in the media who has refrained from adopting a faux English accent in some misguided sense of conformity, as would appear to be the case with a number of tv and radio presenters of the day.

    Before I receive a roasting, I actually think the English accent is generally far easier on the ear, I just have very little time for pretence. Please continue to tell it how it is in all formats!

  • Alan

    I would be interested in a more in debt about buying gold coins: the spread of buying and selling,premiums, and the places that are reliable and offer the best value. This also applies to funds, stocks and shares, the cost of buying, and the annual cost per year of holding them. The places that are offering the lowest costs. I have several fund mangers, and I am becoming more aware of the charges, and as each one are touting for transfers in. The charges could be a big factor.

  • Tigga

    Having taken Money Week for more years than I care to remember and also The Fleet street letter I get a little tired of articles that are supposed to be telling me all I want to know but just end up saying the information is available if I sign up to a trial for one or other of these magazines.
    Can I access them straight away or do I have to wait until the answer comes out later which is often too late for me.

  • Tigga

    Santander are advertising a 4% two year ISA but it is full already for next year. WHAT A CON.