MoneyWeek TV: What bond markets are telling us


Merryn Somerset Webb discusses with MoneyWeek regular James Ferguson what the recent surge in US Treasury yields tells us about investors’ fears.

Plus, MoneyWeek’s deputy editor, Tim Bennett, gives a run down on the basics of spread betting, and our resident gold expert, Dominic Frisby, explains why the stubborn refusal of the gold price to go any higher is a cause for concern.

  • Richard

    If the reason for QE has finished in the US and bond yields are rising surely the government will either have to tax more or continue QE to service their debts? Given that increasing tax revenues will hit the economy and be unpopular aren’t we therefore just destined for more QE and inflation?

  • Elvis Presley

    It always sounds so logical when James explains how QE works; if things were that simple, why haven’t we always offset bank loan book destruction with QE? It’s one of those things that can be made to sound logical for a while until it turns out to be bo*****ks. Just like we thought King and Greenspan knew what they were doing for a while.

  • Angela

    This is good. Very professional. Of course is an experienced broadcaster now, but the other presenters were excellent, too. I will be tuning in regularly.

  • Angela

    Sorry, Merryns’ name deleted there. The perils of iPad posting.

  • Colin Selig-Smith

    Very well done.

    I have to say James is far more personable in the video than the photo used by MW implies. To Dominic, as my mother would say, “get your elbows off the table”. Tip: Sit on your jacket tail, they tend to rise up when seated.

    Overall fabulous. I’ll definitely be watching next time.

    Technically… if you are not going to use YouTube for distribution, could you please add a low bandwidth stream for those of us abroad? Or allow the video a larger buffer? It tends to stop/start.

    p.s. Currencies devalue; Rising stocks, commodities, property are simply your measuring stick changing size.

  • Impromptu

    Good stuff and congrats all round.
    One little pedantic niggle – a factoid is not a little fact, it’s something presented as true which isn’t, but comes to be accepted as true through popularity. Sorry to be so schoolmarmy.
    Maybe facticle would be better, but I can’t see it catching on somehow…

  • John Junius

    I enjoyed it.
    I tend to take note of James Ferguson’s comments ever since he wrote in Money Week that to hold anything in Irish Banks was dangerous. This was written well ahead of the banking crisis. He also favoured ‘Shell’ over ‘BP’ when most other people were lauding ‘BP’. As far as I know he has never been a ‘gold bug’.

  • Romford Dave

    I enjoyed it too and made all the more interesting when looking at the differences between the Moneyweek format compared to that of HLTV.

    In the battle of the journo’s, Kelly used her killer heels to good effect in livening up the staid UK smaller companies episode, but even she would concede that the Moneyweek team edged it with their relaxed but professional approach in both content and delivery.

    Nice legs though….. 🙂

  • wjn37

    A super video but help.
    I thought I had followed and understood James’ logic until I tried to apply it to Japanese 10 year bonds at 0.7%.
    The downside potential appears horrific if they even approached the US 1.7 rate.
    ? What is supporting this market.
    ? What other factors are in play.

  • Clive

    Re the possible 40%+ “crash” in bond prices over 2 years (!), don’t think I’ll be worrying about that. Now, 2 days…..

  • GP

    I won’t offer a comment on the technical content because I am a novice and assume that it is good.
    However, as a regular Money Week reader, I found it enormously helpful to watch the MW writers “live”. If you can see their eyes and body language, you get a much better understanding of their commitment and knowledge in their subject.
    Well done – I like it and will watch again.


    As a moneyweek subscriber for a few years now,I think MW TV is a very useful addition.
    Les C.

  • simon

    towards the end ,james suggests looking at where your savings are ??? does this mean savings in standard bank , building society accounts ??? or have i missed something ? many thanks

  • George

    Hello, Thank you for this latest endeavor (Yes, I am from the US.). Any chance you might release this as an audio version podcast? Thank you

  • Ian T

    @ 8 Romford Dave

    Kelly? Do you not mean Holly Thomas from the Sunday Times? Yes, nice legs, but they cause me distraction from the actual content. At least you can remember it was about smaller companies after the event! If you had asked me what it was about after watching that episode … err … 😉

  • Romford Dave

    You’re right of course Ian, how on earth could I forget the young ladies name yet still manage to remember the title!

    I’m hoping it’s one of those unforeseen consequences of QE they’re talking about rather than the more likely consequence of age…

  • James

    Could we please, please, please have a link to a lower grade transmission? I’m at the end of a long piece of cable, and broadband isn’t what it should be! Watching the buffering circle every few seconds is purgatory!! 🙁