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Latest Money Morning articles

Why Europe’s U-turn has panicked investors

Mario Draghi of the ECB © Getty Images

In a surprise U-turn, the ECB has decided not to raise interest rates, and will instead spend money propping up Europe’s dodgy banks. John Stepek explains why that’s rattled investors.

I hate this cheap data mining trick – don’t fall for it

Gold coins

When analysts tell you one asset is “better” than another, beware. It all rather depends, says Dominic Frisby. A sensibly diversified portfolio will serve you much better than chasing the “best” assets.

Platinum looks strikingly cheap – but will it ever recover?

Platinum ingots © Getty Images

Platinum has historically been more expensive than gold – but that’s no longer the case. John Stepek looks at the reasons behind the change and asks if it’s worth buying now.

Why China has to spend to boost growth, whether it wants to or not

China - people's national congress © Getty Images

China’s economy is slowing down. In a democracy, that’s no big problem; in a dictatorship, it spells trouble. John Stepek explains what’s going on, and how it affects your money.

Interest rates around the world are quietly creeping higher – why?

Theresa May © Getty Images

The cost of borrowing for governments around the world is creeping higher. John Stepek explains why that’s so important for investors.

The charts that matter: is the tide starting to turn?

The yield curve has perked up ever so slightly. John Stepek looks at what this and the global economy’s other most important charts mean for the markets.

A long stagnation could kill off Britain’s obsession with house prices

Estate agent's window © Getty Images

People in Britain are obsessed with house prices. But with the market now moribund, the question, says John Stepek, is how long can this obsession last?

It looks as though Brexit has been kicked into the long grass

Brexit protesters © Getty

Sterling rose sharply yesterday after forex markets decided we’re likely to get May’s deal or no Brexit at all. John Stepek digests the latest developments and explains what they mean for your money.

Watch the copper price – if it keeps rising, this bull market could have legs

Copper factory © Getty Images

The price of copper, one of the most important metals in the world, is climbing. Dominic Frisby looks at what’s behind the rise, and picks the best ways to invest.

What the trade war truce means for your money

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Donald Trump has called a truce in the trade war and won’t be imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese goods. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the decision, and what it means for you.

The charts that matter: the tug of war continues

As the US Federal Reserve backs off, John Stepek looks at how quantitative tightening is affecting the global economy’s most important charts.

What the end of quantitative tightening means for markets

Jerome Powell © Getty Images

The US central bank has caved in to the markets and made a U-turn on tightening monetary policy. John Stepek looks at what it means for investors.

Gold – here’s why it just might be different this time

Gold coins and bars © Getty

The gold price is creeping higher. And lot of smart people are getting bullish on gold. Are they right? Or is it another false dawn? Dominic Frisby finds out.

Wages are picking up – but the market still can’t believe it

smiling factory worker © Getty

Around the world, things are looking up – employment is high and wages are rising. But investors remain fearful. John Stepek explains what’s going on.

Is enough of your money invested in overseas stocks?

share prices board in Japan © Getty

John Stepek explains how investors often suffer from “home bias”, how it affects returns, and how to counter it.

The oil price has soared this year – and it’s nothing to do with supply or demand

Oil wells in Russia © Getty Images

The oil price has risen by 20% this year – far outstripping the stockmarkets. John Stepek looks at the reasons for its rise, and what might happen from here.

The charts that matter: is the recessionary threat real or hype?

With worrying data from bond yields and US jobless figures, John Stepek looks at the global economy’s most important charts to gauge the threat of a recession.

Why investors should never mistake the economy for the stockmarket

Shop going out of business sign © Getty Images

Forecasts for many of the world’s major economies is distinctly gloomy. But investors shouldn’t be too downhearted – the outlook for stockmarkets could be much brighter. John Stepek explains why.

How to catch the best of a bull market while dodging the big bears

Wall Street bull statue © Getty Images

Dominic Frisby outlines a beautifully simple, long-term trend-following strategy that works across most markets.

A trade war in the US is just the most obvious of China’s problems

Xi Jinping and Donald Trump © Getty Images

The US wants to completely overhaul its trade relationship with China. That will have a significant effect on China’s economy. But it’s got plenty of other problems to worry about, too, says John Stepek.

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