Merryn Somerset Webb interviews

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews financial gurus including ‘deflationist’ Russell Napier, hedge-fund manager Hugh Hendry, and legendary investor Jim Mellon.

What’s wrong with capitalism? Too little competition

1960s air hostess © Getty Images

Powerful corporations have grown too used to dictating terms to consumers, workers and suppliers. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Jonathan Tepper about how to fix it.

The real threat to our global economic and political order

Berlin Wall, 1989 © Getty images

Economics and history didn’t end with the fall of communism after all. TS Lombard’s Charles Dumas tells Merryn Somerset Webb where they’re going next.

The top contrarian bets for your money today

Tokyo at night © iStock

Japan is set to surprise investors, Alasdair McKinnon of the Scottish Investment Trust tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Dambisa Moyo: inequality, growth, and the failure of liberal democracy

Dambisa Moyo and Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Dambisa Moyo about her new book, and how to improve democracy and deliver prosperity not just in the West, but the whole world.

The balance between value and growth

Japanese robotic car manufacturers © Getty images

Investors need to go a long way to find sensibly priced stocks today, but Japan and the US still offer pockets of value, Simon Edelsten tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Richard Thaler: the less attention you pay, the more money you'll have

Richard Thaler

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author, academic and fund manager Richard Thaler about pensions freedom, central bankers and fund management fees.

Where to search for hidden gems

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Funds are getting so big they can’t stoop to pick up smaller firms. That’s great for nimbler players such as Nick Greenwood, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Paul Mumford: simple steps to successful investing

Merryn Somerset Webb and Paul Mumford

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to veteran fund manager Paul Mumford about the secret of his successful career and the stocks he’s buying now.

Mark Slater: finding growth at a reasonable price

Mark Slater

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to investor Mark Slater about how he consistently finds good, growing companies without spending a fortune.

Diana Choyleva: the unravelling of globalisation

Diana Choyleva

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Diana Choyleva about how globalisation is “unravelling”, and what that means for the world economy.

Charlie Morris: how to invest in the world of Trump

Charlie Morris

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Charlie Morris, editor of the Fleet Street Letter, about how to invest in the era of Donald Trump.

Charles Plowden: where to find long-term growth

Charles Plowden

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to professional investor Charles Plowden about investing for long-term growth, and where to find companies that will give above average returns.

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