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Hard cash: What's next for gold and silver?

28 August 2014 / Issue 706

The crisis is over and the economic recovery seems to be picking up speed. Does that mean the case for holding gold is finished? We wouldn't be so hasty. Read this week's cover story here.

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Merryn Somerset WebbEDITOR'S LETTER

Merryn Somerset Webb

Our advisers give their tips for investment trusts

Last week, I reviewed our investment trust portfolio. It was, even by our standards of churn, a particularly dull update. I told you that everything was going fine and made no changes whatsoever. I suspect that this all pleased most of you who hold the trusts. You are making a perfectly good return and no action is required.

But spare a thought – if you will – for the members of my investment trust advisory panel. Whenever we go through this process of thinking a lot and doing very little, I email all of them and demand that they recommend trusts I could put in the portfolio as replacements, if for whatever reason I was roused to sell one of the existing trusts.
I nag them on this. I get their replies.

And then I mostly ignore them. However, it occurs to me that you might not want to do that, particularly if you have been following the suggestions for alternatives they made the last time round: Baillie Gifford Japan is up by around 61% since, for example, and Henderson Smaller Companies has returned 34%. So I am going to use this letter this week to run through their ideas.

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