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11 April 2014 / Issue 686

The batteries that will change our lives


  • Slash your inheritance tax bill
  • The Bank of England's political peril
  • How farmland trounced Mayfair flats


Merryn Somerset WebbEDITOR'S LETTER

Merryn Somerset Webb

How to avoid inheritance tax

I’ve been writing a bit about inheritance tax (IHT) recently. It turns out to be one of the most emotive financial subjects out there.

There is very little middle ground: readers either want it abolished immediately with a view to protecting their family assets, or they want it raised and made unavoidable immediately with a view to increasing financial equality in the UK.

However, there is one thing within the debate that, for the moment at least, everyone seems to agree on: if the tax can be avoided, they want to avoid it.

If we had a financial agony page (maybe we should – let me know if you think so), my guess is that the vast majority of questions from both the young and old would be about IHT. So, what’s the answer?

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