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The return of Japan

21 March 2014 / Issue 683

The recovery is real, says Merryn Somerset Webb


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John Stepek

A good budget for investors

I’ve sat through a dozen or more budgets. Most – even during the financial crisis – have been exceptional only for their sheer tedium. I didn’t expect anything more exciting from George Osborne this week. I was wrong.

Regardless of how cynical you are, this was a good budget for investors. Regular readers will know that we like individual savings accounts (Isas). They’re more flexible than pensions and less of a tempting target for money-hungry governments. The main benefit pensions have had over them is the relatively low Isa allowance. That’s all changed now.

From July, you’ll be able to put £15,000 a year into an Isa, and you’ll be able to split it between cash and investments as you wish. That’s £30,000 a year between a couple – plenty for most people’s needs.

All good news for savers. But the changes on pensions are even more radical.

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