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25 January 2013 / Issue 624

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In or out of Europe?

So, there is going to be an in/out referendum on the euro, or at least on an as-yet-undefined “new settlement” with the eurozone. Thanks to the ongoing European crisis, says David Cameron, Europe is “changing”. We need to talk about “its future and Britain’s place within it”.

And we need to find a way for our relationship with Europe to be “focused on competitiveness, fairness, respect for national democracies” and for everyone involved to allow “powers to flow back to states”. Politicians are well known for their tendency to live in their own little fantasy lands. This is a fabulously stunning example.

Have you ever known huge, bureaucratic and powerful organisations voluntarily to return rights to those they technically serve? It just doesn’t happen. That means, I think, that in the end, the decision won’t be about being in or out of some kind of New Europe. It will be about being in or out of the very same Europe we have now.

How will you vote?

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