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18 January 2013 / Issue 623

Profit from nanotechnology


  • Britain faces a major currency crisis
  • The best ways to play the US housing rebound
  • The world's most successful comedian


The end of Britain

One of the problems with knowing a lot of people in the City is that you end up with an irritatingly large number of friends who, while not being much older than you, are very successful, very rich and, to add insult to injury, retired.

I recently had lunch with one of them. He is a generally optimistic man and likes to berate me for my pessimism. Which he did.

I pointed out that we’ve actually been rather optimistic recently. We have long thought America is turning as the housing market sorts itself out (see David C Stevenson’s views on making money out of this) and the bonus of natural gas is chucked into the equation.

We love Japan. We’ve been suggesting you buy Europe for many months now and we have always said we expected the eurozone to hold (as it so far has).

We say nice things about a few emerging markets. We also offer you endless interesting tips on the big plays of the future (nanotechnology of interest?). This week we even tell you why it can be worth buying expensive-looking stocks!

Our big worries are, as they have been for a long time, the dismal state of Britain, the way in which the endless quantitative easing might lead to an inflationary disaster, and the possibility of an implosion in China.

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