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The quest for riches

4 January 2013 / Issue 621

What to buy in 2013


  • Can the euro survive another year?
  • Seven surprises to look out for in 2013
  • The vicious feud over a top US fashion brand


The biggest risks for 2013

“Pundits forecast not because they know but because they are asked.” It’s one of the quotes you have to keep in mind at this time of year as you make your way through the piles of ritualistic forecasts from the financial industry. Most people have no more idea of what might happen than you or I do. They only write lists of predictions because other people think it is in their job description.

Still, I’m pretty sure that it is in our job description too. So we have done our best in this issue. We have invited the best of the members of our regular roundtable to give their views on where you should invest (Japan, biopharma, US banks, Russia and quality mid-caps).

We have looked at what might happen to Europe (look out for rising social unrest). Bill Bonner has thought about what might become of us all now the global economy is held hostage by zombies (nothing good): Why 2013 scares me.

And Matthew Lynn has run through a list of things you probably aren’t expecting but should be – HSBC leaving Britain, the financial industry leaving Edinburgh and the BBC leaving the embrace of the British state, to name a few.

• Read the full editor’s letter here: The biggest risks for 2013.