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17 September 2010 / Issue 504

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A rude awakening for funds

Terry Smith, the CEO of Tullett Prebon, has a reputation. The FT refers to him as a “combative City broker”. The Daily Telegraph calls him the “famously combative City tycoon”. Breakingviews opts for “pugilistic”. Pretty much everyone refers to his style as “aggressive” or “outspoken”.

My own experience of him suggests he’s ruder than most. He, of course, considers himself straight-talking. I don’t suppose his reputation has people making a bee line for him at parties, but I also don’t suppose he cares much. If he did, he wouldn’t be talking about taking on the fund-management industry.

He is, says Financial News, about to launch a new venture, Fundsmith, with the aim of undercutting everyone else on fees. There isn’t much more detail than this yet. But if Smith is going to get out there and do some straight talking, we’re in for a treat.

If we’re really lucky, he’ll point out that the fee structure invented by fund management firms is an outrage.

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A rude awakening for funds

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