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28 May 2010 / Issue 488

Nine US stocks to buy now


  • Investors are right to panic
  • Cashing in on information overload
  • How to prepare for China's hard landing


Prepare for the end game

There’s “just no good news out there”, said one trader this week as global stockmarkets tumbled. We’d probably agree.

But that’s not what he’d have said a few weeks ago if Britain had reported that first-quarter GDP had been revised up from 0.2% to 0.3%, as it did this week. Back then, he’d have said that the numbers proved the recovery was on course, and he’d have headed for his desk to buy more shares in banks and retailers.

The point? That the market mood swings very quickly. Hugh Hendry, who I interview this week, puts it well when he says that for a bull market to keep running, the market has to be feeling “forgiving” – it has to ignore bad news and seek out good. That was just about possible until a few weeks ago.

Even as the Greek crisis kicked off, investors took heart from the size of the European bail-outs. We even tried to find a silver lining ourselves – hoping quantitative easing might give Europe’s markets a temporary boost, despite the grim state of the continent’s finances. But there is no way to avoid the bad news now.

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Prepare for the end game

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