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Danger zone

21 May 2010 / Issue 487

Protect yourself as markets turn volatile


  • Cash in on China's new boom market
  • Osborne must learn from Geoffrey Howe
  • The butler who inherited £5.6m


The end of the rally

When global markets started to rally in March 2009, we were sceptical. We couldn’t see how the problems kicking around the markets could have been solved, and we didn’t buy into the idea of the V-shaped recovery.

Instead, we worried about the ongoing semi-bankruptcy of the banking sector; about the suspiciously super-speedy growth in China; about the huge national debts accumulating across the West; about house prices in the US and UK; and, of course, about inflation.

Yet the markets kept rising – so much so that we had to start wondering when we would be forced to stop referring to the bear-market rally and start referring to the bull market.

No longer. Think of the headlines this month – the Greek crisis; the ongoing falls in the Chinese stockmarket and renewed concerns about a Chinese property crash; the collapse of the euro; spiralling deficits forcing austerity drives across the world. That’s just the financial headlines. No wonder the bear market rally seems to have come to a pretty abrupt end.

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The end of the rally

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