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14 May 2010 / Issue 486

The challenge facing Cameron's coalition


  • Can a €750bn bailout fund save Europe?
  • Buy this cheap life assurer now
  • The King of Bling leaves Knightsbridge


Why I welcome the Lib-Cons

You’ll think this is ludicrously optimistic of me (particularly given my usual pessimism), but I think our new government – the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition – is the best one we could have hoped for. Why? Because it means that an intelligent combination of David Cameron and Nick Clegg (both basically lib-eral conservatives at heart) have a real chance of creating a genuinely sensible government.

I said on our blog last week that the hung parliament, along with the crisis in Europe, would provide them, should they choose to take it, with a fabulous opportunity to dump their most nutty policies under the cover of compromise. It looks like they are taking it.

Look how fast the Tory plan to raise the inheritance-tax threshold went out of the window. And look how closely it was followed by the mansion tax. Both were relatively silly policies chucked into manifestos to shut up party outliers. Both have been quickly dumped in the name of forging a stable government. That couldn’t have happened if the Tories had managed a straight majority. Expect pretty much all the other pointless policies promised during the election to go the same way.

But that doesn’t mean that I think there is going to be much good about the rest of the year…

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I don’t envy the winners

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