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Which threat do we face?

23 April 2010 / Issue 483

The big inflation debate...


  • Why Ladbrokes is worth a wager
  • A beginner's guide to buying foreign stocks
  • Cable for Chancellor? You must be joking


Will it be inflation or deflation?

It’s been a strange week. First, we had the inflation numbers. The consensus was that Consumer Price Inflation would come in at around 3%. It actually came in at 3.4%. RPI, used by unions looking for wage settlements and the like, came in at 4.4%. Still, while this might have come as a surprise to some, it certainly didn’t to Prosperity Capital’s Liam Halligan, a firm inflationist. “Producer price inflation is in double figures,” he said when I asked him about it. “What did you expect?”

On Wednesday came the unemployment statistics. The number of people counted as claiming benefits fell slightly. But underneath the irrelevant headline figure (remember, those with much in the way of savings can’t claim benefits), the news was all bad. Very bad.

The total number of people in employment during the three months to the end of February fell by nearly 90,000. The number of underemployed people (those looking for full-time work but only finding part-time jobs) rose to over a million. That’s the highest figure since comparable records began in 1992. None of this surprises Arbuthnot’s James Ferguson, a firm deflationist. “We’re in a classic post-banking-crisis recession,” he told me. “What did you expect?”

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Will it be inflation or deflation?

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