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The best bets in Europe

16 April 2010 / Issue 482

Where to put your money in Europe's no-go zone...


  • A cheap stock with a 7% yield
  • Is Britain set for an onshore oil boom?
  • The ex-hacker running rings round the Pentagon


The lessons we can learn from Canada

Nearly two weeks in, and still we’re none the wiser about exactly how our new government plans to bring down the budget deficit (the rate at which our national debt is rising).

But over at the Treasury they are apparently looking at the radical measures used by the Canadians in the mid-1990s. At the time, Canada was running a deficit of more than 5% (it peaked at 9.2%), due in part to attempts to spend away stagflation. Stimulus packages were tried over and over but, as Mirabaud Securities points out, they repeatedly failed, and merely increased “the stock of debt”.

Beginning to sound familiar? In Canada the situation was made worse by the fact that high interest rates caused the cost of financing the deficit to “balloon”. At their peak, interest swallowed up over 35% of Cana-dian government revenues. Nasty. Canada’s first attempt to sort this was much the same one now being sug-gested by politicians in the UK: smallish across-the-board cuts. It didn’t work. Instead it became clear that, as Mirabaud’s Steve Clayton puts it, “big monsters can not be slain with pin pricks”.

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The lessons we can learn from Canada

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