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Space-age metals

18 September 2009 / Issue 453

Three mineral stocks heading for the moon... PLUS:

  • Why it's time to invest in Japanese small caps
  • Don't bet on the rally going much further
  • Gold is past $1,000 an ounce – so what now?


Fleeced by sushi-munchers

Think of yourself as a bit of a “gastro thrill seeker”? Then I have good news for you. A group called Flash Sushi are bringing nyotaimori (“the traditional Japanese art of eating sushi off a naked female body”) to London. Those who attend the group’s pop-up dinners (different locations every time) will join 12 to 24 other guests for a champagne reception before taking their seats at a communal table around some “stunning Hakada models”.

They will then get a ten course Japanese meal prepared by “master chef Saito”, which will be arranged on and then eaten from the woman’s body. I’m not 100% sure this isn’t a joke, but assuming it’s not, it all seems rather disgusting: personally I’d go well out of my way not to eat rice off someone else’s bottom. Still, a check on the website (, if you must) shows that’s just me: most of the dinners are sold out.

The organisers of the Flash Sushi ogling sessions claim to be having them in a spirit of “gastro egalitarianism”. But as ever, some will be more equal than others. If you aren’t the member of the party shivering under a pile of cold fish, a ticket will cost you £250.

So here’s the question: exactly who is it that is even now eagerly awaiting the text that will tell them where the next dinner will be held?

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Fleeced by sushi-munchers