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Beware safe havens

9 January 2009 / Issue 417

Inflation could return sooner than you think... PLUS:

  • Why you should be buying into gold miners
  • How I went from poor farmer's son to oil billionaire
  • Bill Bonner waves a sad farewell to 2008


So, inflation or deflation?

Happy New Year! January’s the time for scouring the entrails for clues on the year ahead, but making predictions for 2009 is even tougher than usual. It shouldn’t be. After all, only one question really matters – should we be more worried about inflation or deflation? Trouble is, there’s no easy answer to that question. Just look at our Roundtable experts; while our regular columnist James Ferguson believes we’re facing wholesale, Japanese-style deflation for years to come, Braeburn chairman Jim Mellon reckons that the money-printing efforts of central banks around the world could see us return to fears about inflation by the end of this year. So who’s right?

Although we’ll certainly see deflation in the short-term, I’m not convinced it’ll last long. But even if you believe we’ll follow Japan along the deflation path, it’s still worth looking at where the balance of risks lie if you get it wrong. James Montier at Société Générale points out that the US Treasuries market is already pricing in a Japan-style slump. So anything less than massive deflation means that investors buying government debt now will probably end up losing money. On the other hand, mild inflation, or even lower deflation than expected, would be good for the price of most other assets. And if one thing’s for sure, it’s that America is determined to avoid deflation by any means necessary. As Montier says, Japan didn’t start printing money (or ‘quantitative easing’ as it’s known) until seven years after deflation first hit. Ben Bernanke has hit the presses before the US has even had a sniff of deflation.

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