MoneyWeek issue 396 cover

China's heading for a fall

8 August 2008 / Issue 396

Is China's miracle economy heading for a fall?... PLUS:

  • How long will India's bear market last?
  • The one number to check before you buy a stock
  • Simon Nixon on Darling's futile plans for reform


There is some good news…

I’m afraid we have little but misery for you in this week’s magazine. Stock­markets still aren’t safe. Commodity prices have seen their largest fall in 28 years. The oil price has crashed below $120 a barrel making – as we have long suspected – $90 a lot closer than $200. China is clearly in some trouble. And, of course, the housing market remains a disaster area. Prices are anywhere from 8%-15% off their peak already (depending on who you ask), weak borrowers coming to the end of cut-price deals are finding themselves at the mercy of their lenders’ Standard Variable Rate (hence the 41% rise in repossessions) and volumes have disappeared. In June, says Henry Pryor of, there were no sales at all in 1,000 of Britain’s 2,851 post codes.

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