MoneyWeek issue 386 cover

Money from the sun

30 May 2008 / Issue 386

Why solar power really is the future... PLUS:

• Profiting from the war on NHS germs

• The Russian threat to the City

• How New York's boy band king stole $300m


Whatever he says, Brown needs oil to stay high
Does Gordon Brown really want the oil price to fall? He certainly says he does. And this week he even went as far as to make his way down the PR trail to Scotland to ask North Sea oil producers to think of new ways to supply us all with more oil.

But think about this for a minute. The high oil price is one thing Gordon Brown can’t really be blamed for. As long as it is hogging the headlines, the news about his appalling management of our public finances – the filthy, germ-ridden pit that is the NHS, the collapse in the nation’s disposable incomes, the implosion of the housing bubble, the rising unemployment in the construction and retail sectors, and so on – is not.

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