MoneyWeek issue 383 cover

The best bets

9 May 2008 / Issue 383

James Ferguson picks three thoroughbred stocks to back now... PLUS:

• The next big commodity play – sulphuric acid

• How Gordon Brown wasted a trillion pounds

• The poker-playing patriot taking on the EU


How to shock a property bull
“Collapse in Bovis sales shocks City,” said a headline in The Independent this week. The first bit of the headline makes sense. Bovis (BVS) customers have reserved 30% fewer houses so far this year than last and since early March they’ve reserved 70% fewer. I think that counts as a collapse. 

But the second part of the headline is bemusing. How could these numbers have been remotely surprising, let alone “shocking”? It’s been clear for months now that the housing market, particularly the newbuild and first time buyer dependent parts of it, has been in meltdown.

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