MoneyWeek issue 381 cover

Finding the good apples

25 April 2008 / Issue 381

Our experts pick the quality stocks from amid the rubbish... PLUS:

• Cash in on India’s filmmaking boom

• Five investing mistakes you must avoid

• The rare gems dealer ruined by the credit crunch


Elvis found on moon
Something has changed in the five weeks while I’ve been away. When I left, the money sections in the weekend papers were still filled with suggestions on how first-time buyers could get on the property ladder; endless assurances that the buy-to-let business is as good as ever; and tips on the best banking shares to buy.

This week, they’re packed with ideas about how to ease the pain of negative equity in the UK; the horrors of the collapsed property market in Spain; detailed explanations of the massive rise in food inflation and irritable columns about the idiotic economic policies of Gordon Brown.

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