MoneyWeek issue 378 cover

Take profits

4 April 2008 / Issue 378

It's time to sell out of commodities... PLUS:

• How can our broken banking system be fixed?

• Simon Nixon: the credit crisis has only just begun

• Easy ways to play the forex markets


Time to sell your miners
Here at MoneyWeek, we’ve been bullish on commodities for a long time. For years we’ve talked about the supercycle, whereby demand from emerging economies, and China in particular, means that commodities will remain an important asset class for investors for many years to come.

However, bull markets don’t go up in straight lines and, as we’ve mentioned a few times in recent months, this year looks like being a ­tougher one for industrial metals. In our cover story this week, James Ferguson explains why the biggest economic risk now is not inflation, but a deflationary recession. This means the good times for some commodities could be over, certainly for the time being.

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