MoneyWeek issue 370

Arabian riches

8 February 2008 / Issue 370

How to buy into the boom in the Gulf... PLUS:

  • How to buy a brand new villa on the beach for under £20,000
  • The soaring skyscrapers that tell us recession is on the way
  • Why the queen of kitten heels is selling up


For a few days it looked like what Daniel Gross of Newsweek calls the “Great Global Market Freak Out” might be over. But it isn’t.

After a few days of relative tranquillity the bad numbers started coming again and the markets reacted accordingly: my very publicly claimed favourite index, the Nikkei (which I am not feeling that friendly towards any more), managed to lose 4.7% on Tuesday alone and the FTSE 100 lost 2.63%. It is now down 9% this year.

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