MoneyWeek issue 367 cover

Sit back and relax

18 January 2008 / Issue 367

The lazy investor's guide to making money... PLUS:

  • Why Russia could be a safe haven in 2008
  • How to profit as emerging market currencies take off
  • The unusual hobby of the man who broke De Beers


Stock tips from an old timer
It’s grim out there. In the US the subprime debacle is gathering speed, banks are desperate for capital and starting to slash workforces; consumers are belt-tightening fast and house prices are still in freefall.

Here the FTSE 100 fell 3% on Tuesday alone and is now 10% off the highs of last year; our currency is wobbling; the most recent inflation numbers were frightening (factory-gate prices rose at 5% in December and, according to, the price of a basket of food bought here is up 12% in the last year); and, of course, our property market is in just as dismal a state as those in the US, Ireland and Spain.

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