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The power of mean reversion

When it comes to investing in funds, don’t chase the top performers – look for the cheapest ones.

Britain is running out of water

Drier summers and a rapidly growing population mean parts of Britain will run out of water in 25 years. What can we do about it, and how much would it cost?

The charts that matter – a ray of hope in the US employment data

As US unemployment falls again, John Stepek looks at what it means for the markets and the global economy, plus a rundown of the rest of the charts that matter the most.

Turkey is in trouble again

Turkey’s currency has slipped to an eight-month low against the US dollar, after a 40% slump in the first half of last year. The economy shrank by 3% in the fourth quarter of 2018 and inflation has reached almost 20%.

Inflation will surprise investors

Central banks have revised down their inflation expectations. But the current subdued rate may not last.

House prices are sliding fast in London – and it’s spreading

UK house prices have been falling in “real” terms – after inflation – for while. But now the pace of decline is picking up. John Stepek looks at where the property market is likely to go next.

Synthetic diamonds reshape the industry

The big diamond miners have become rattled by the growth of synthetic diamonds, at the same time as the price for natural stones is in decline.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

These three Portuguese wines are sheer heaven

2015 Niepoort
This series of Niepoort wines left Matthew Jukes reeling with delight.

Porsche updates its iconic 911

The Porsche 911 is as exciting as it ever was and the drop-top version is ideal for the summer. Sarah Moore reports.

An idyllic spot in the Lake District

If you fancy an active break in the British countryside, Ruth Jackson has found the perfect location.

Houses for sale for less than £300,000

This week: houses for less than £300,000 – from a Grade II-listed former saddlers’ shop in Montgomery, Powys,   to a fully functional barge with a west London mooring overlooking the Thames and the River Brent.                

What Lorraine Kelly's tax victory means for freelancers and small businesses

Not all freelancers may be as lucky as “TV persona” Lorraine Kelly when dealing with HMRC. Check your IR35 status carefully, says David Prosser.

Latest recession scare is a false alarm

Markets have been spooked by the inversion of the US bond yield curve, which often – but not always – heralds a recession.

Italy joins China’s Belt and Road project

Italy has become the first G7 nation to endorse the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s controversial series of global infrastructure investments.

Bayer’s Monsanto mess

German giant Bayer has made a pig’s ear of buying the US biotech Monsanto: the stock is wilting amid legal trouble over a weedkiller. Matthew Partridge reports.

MMT: shaking the magic money tree

“Modern monetary theory” – or MMT – is all the rage among progressive thinkers, especially in the United States. What is it? And does it stand up to scrutiny? Stuart Watkins reports.

Snippets of good news

In the UK it feels line there is no news except for news on Brexit. But there are a few bits of good news around, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Tourism is booming as China’s consumers head abroad

The world’s biggest travellers are still Europeans, but emerging markets, led by China, are now spearheading a new phase of a long-term upswing in worldwide tourism, says Jonathan Compton.

Is it time to invest in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the cheapest markets in the world right now. That’s usually a sign that you should buy. But is it really worth it? John Stepek weighs up the pros and cons.

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