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Why it pays to invest in foreign stocks

Many investors feel safer investing at home than in foreign stocks – but as the wobbly pound shows, that safety can be an illusion.

Chart of the week: palladium will lose its lustre

Palladium has gained 70% in a year. It now trades at about $1,530 per ounce. But any escalation in the US-China trade could spell an end to the rally.

Three undervalued Asian stocks that can ride out the trade war

Trade wars aside, Asia remains the biggest driver of global growth with impressive economic and corporate fundamentals, says professional investor Ian Hargreaves. Here, he picks three undervalued Asian stocks.

Why I have decided to stump up for all the travel extras

Saving money while on holiday is all very well. But if you have the cash, paying for all the extras is definitely worth it, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The return of the trade war sparks panic in markets

Donald Trump’s latest skirmish in his trade war with China has sent stockmarkets tumbling. John Stepek looks at how China could respond, and what it means for the global economy and for your money.

LSE-Refinitiv merger could create a rival to Bloomberg

The London Stock Exchange is to buy data group Refinitiv, which would make it a big player in financial services. It’s a bold move, says Matthew Lynn – but a dangerous one.

Which countries sell citizenship and how much it costs

Fancy living in a European capital, or gaining citizenship of a Caribbean island? If you have deep enough pockets, the world is your oyster, says Alex Rankine.

How the shipping container created today’s global economy

Shipping containers standardised many aspects of trade, allowing globalisation to flourish and radically changing the world we live in. Hector Reid looks into the story behind the metal boxes, and explains how they work.

Gold, the “anti-dollar”, will rise

Debased currencies and overheating bond markets have sparked renewed interest in gold – a tried and tested means of hoarding wealth.

Currency corner: what’s really behind the slide in the pound

The prolonged Brexit limbo is pounding sterling. But the slide began well before the EU referendum. Dominic Frisby explains what’s behind the pound’s demise, and where it might go from here.

A climate of positive change?

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Whatever people’s views are on the current state of capitalism, it is hard to deny that it has created a huge amount of economic growth. But this has come at considerable cost, and we cannot continue developing without tackling these costs.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

A lively glass full of cricket-pitch cuttings

2018 London CRU
With a haunting perfume of elderflower and cricket-pitch cuttings, this scintillating Bacchus should be your go-to apero of the summer.

Four adventures for foodies

From a wine-tasting near Tokyo in Japan to a Ottoman-style eatery in Croatia, Chris Carter looks at four foodie paradises.

Lotus Evija: an earth-bound fighter jet

The Lotus Evija is a really wild electric-powered motor from the Norfolk-based car maker.

Properties for around £500,000

properties for around £500,000 – from a village house with a clocktower in Bishop Monkton, to a converted Victorian grammar school in Cambridgeshire.

China sits out protests in Hong Kong

Beijing may be using harsh language against the protesters in Hong Kong, but if you read between the lines, it is clear that it is treading carefully.

The prime minister’s big gamble

The prime minister says he’s ready to bet on a no-deal Brexit. He might prefer an election.

Will the ECB start buying equities?

Larry Fink, the chief executive of asset manager BlackRock, has called on the ECB to buy European stocks with newly created cash.

Shambles at Sports Direct

A chaotic set of results at Sports Direct last week wiped a fifth off the shares and fuelled speculation that the company will be taken private. Alex Rankine reports

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