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Forget Buffett: if it’s value stocks you want, here’s what to buy

Warren Buffett was once a value investor. Now he’s buying big tech. Merryn Somerset Webb asks Lyrical Asset Management’s Andrew Wellington: “Where’s the real value now?”

How to prepare for a Corbyn government

The real risk to your finances is not Brexit, says Merryn Somerset Webb, it’s that the mismanagement of Brexit could lead to a Corbyn government. So how do you prepare? 

Investors beware: central banks won’t be able to prop up markets forever

Markets have grown complacent, expecting central banks to shield them from any upheaval. But in these volatile times that’s a dangerous assumption, says John Stepek. The world is changing and you need to be ready.

Gold could stagnate for several years – but don’t make Gordon Brown’s mistake

The price of gold is going nowhere fast. Like Gordon Brown did 20 years ago, you may be tempted to sell. But, just as with Brown, that would be a big mistake. Dominic Frisby explains why.

Will retail property hurt your Reit?

Struggling department stores could be bad news for your property investments, says Sarah Moore.

Robbing pensioners to pay millennials

Should we get rid of generous perks for pensioners to fund more support for cash-strapped young people?

Pensions important in divorce cases

Wealthy couples who divorce hold more of their money in pension savings than any other asset, prompting concern that many people have little idea how splitting up could affect their retirement saving.

What Trump’s trade tweets mean for your money

Markets briefly stuttered on reading Donald Trump’s tweet raising tariffs on Chinese imports to the US. But they soon recovered. John Stepek asks if their optimism is justified.

Pinterest: overhyped and overpriced

Pinterest, the digital pinboard, is eye-waveringly expensive, says Matthew Partridge. An ideal candidate for shorting.

Betting on politics: elections in Australia

I haven’t covered Australian politics for a while, says political-betting expert Matthew Partridge – the forthcoming election provides a good opportunity.

Hargreaves Lansdown’s one-stop savings shop

Should you sign up to Active Savings, Hargreaves Lansdown’s new product aimed at “time-poor” savers?

Russia’s recovery will boost eastern Europe

The Baring Emerging Europe trust opts for top-quality eastern European stocks, says Max King.

Great frauds in history: Calisto Tanzi and Parmalat

Calisto Tanzi systematically falsifying dairy company Parmalat’s financial statements, using complex derivatives and subsidiaries to hide the total amount of debt.

Warren Buffett: making deals is hard right now

Warren Buffett, America’s best-known investor, has plenty of cash. But the 88-year-old is struggling to spend it.

Hui Ka Yan: the real king of debt

Hui Ka Yan, China’s richest property mogul, rode to success on the back of a boom. Now there are fears that it could all come to a messy end.

Don’t buy into tech company IPOs

Tech firms are listing on the stockmarket in their droves, with their private-equity backers raking in the cash. That’s perfectly sensible. What’s not so sensible is the number of retail investors buying in.

Chart of the week: are forecasters being too bullish again?

There are happy days ahead for the world economy, if forecasters are to be believed. But analysts have a terrible forecasting record.

Long-term investors should look to luxury goods

The rapid expansion of the emerging-market middle class and their appetite for luxury goods is a good opportunity for long-term investors, says professional investor Zehrid Osmani.

The trouble with Scotland's plan to launch its own currency

A Scottish currency makes sense for the nationalists dreaming of independence. But will it work, asks Matthew Lynn.

Beware: the trade war between China and the US could just be the beginning

China and the US appear to be making progress in their trade war. But investors shouldn’t get too relaxed about prospects for global trade, says Jake Trask, research director at forex company OFX.

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