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China at 70: a crucial turning point

After a remarkable four decades of headlong growth China is approaching a crucial turning point.Can its leadership keep the good times rolling?

Imperial Brands’ sales go up in steam

Concern that vaping could cause lung-related illnesses and is promoting smoking among children is causing consumers to have second thoughts and has sparked a profit warning at Imperial Brands.

The rise of independent research outfits

EU rules have reduced analysts’ coverage of small caps. But new sources of information have sprung up, says Scott Longley.

Brexit conspiracies make no sense at all

Boris Johnson really isn’t being controlled by a mysterious cabal of international financiers working to force a no-deal Brexit so that they can make vast profits.

The cycles in the metals market: when will zinc and copper shine?

The prices of two of the world’s most important industrial commodities have slipped over the past few years. Dominic Frisby assesses the outlook and explains how to cash in on the next upswing.

Is a recession coming? Here’s what to watch out for

Markets have taken a sharp knock recently as fears of a recession have grown. John Stepek looks at what’s got them rattled, and how it affects your investment plans.

Five questions for: Matt Dyson, director of Rockit

Rockit designs and makes products for babies to help them sleep.

Find value in this Reit specialising in regional offices

This Reit focusing on opportunities in commercial property outside London looks appealing.

Small business owners should beware when backing their business debt

A personal guarantee makes you liable for your firm’s debt. Tread very carefully.

The precious metals rollercoaster is heading into a big dip

It has been an exciting summer for precious metals enthusiasts, with gold, silver and platinum all making big gains. But now it’s all unwinding. Dominic Frisby looks at what might be coming next.

Great frauds in history: Prescott Jernegan’s gold hoax

Prescott Jernegan claimed to be able to extract gold from seawater. He couldn’t, of course. But he persuaded an awful lot of people that he could

One of the best investment trusts for emerging market investors

The Utilico Emerging Markets investment trust focuses on infrastructure, an area its competitors often ignore.

House price affordability is slowly improving (ie, prices are falling)

The latest property market data reveals that UK house prices are falling in real terms. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the change, and what it implies for the future.

Jeff Gundlach: don't bet on lower interest rates

The ten-year US Treasury yield has already hit its low for the year, says “bond king” Jeff Gundlach.

Chart of the week: the death of competition in America

The Economist has detected a slump in the number of times the words “competition” and “competitor” have been mentioned in annual reports over the past few years.

Why investors should pay attention to director dealings

Recent director dealings show that company executives and wealthy families are getting nervous. Maybe we should be too.

Why you still shouldn’t touch Woodford Patient Capital with a bargepole

The price of the Woodford Patient Capital investment trust has fallen so far that you may think it looks like a bargain buy. Think again, says John Stepek.

Betting on politics: odds on the next president of the USA

With impeachment of the US president firmly on the table, now is a good time to take a look at the latest betting markets related to American politics.

Tom Ford: the perfectionist who rescued Gucci

Tom Ford made his name by pushing the “sex sells” mantra to extremes in the 1990s. But his latest collections and products have been tailored for a different age.

The unpleasant but necessary business of planning for your death

Death comes with an awful lot of admin, says Merryn Somerset Webb. And if you don’t plan it right, it can come with an awful lot of expense, too. Here’s how to smooth your passage – in financial term, at least.

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