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Boorish bosses are bad for business

Bullying and harassment at work is not only bad for the bullied, but for profits too, says Matthew Lynn.

Land value tax: the least-bad tax

Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, MoneyWeek and the Labour Party are all fans of a land value tax. But what exactly is it and how would it work? Simon Wilson reports.

The charts that matter: is there one last gasp left in the bull market?

John Stepek looks to the global economy’s most important charts to if they can shed any light on the direction of the world’s markets.

The world’s greatest road trips

Sarah Moore gets the motor running and heads out on the highway.

This deal could eventually mark the top of the market – watch it closely

Investors get over-exuberant when markets approach the top. It’s when the biggest, most ridiculous deals get done. We may be about to see one happen now, says John Stepek.

Three banks that will thrive in the fourth industrial revolution

Professional investor Rachel Winter ticks three banking behemoths that are adapting to the new opportunities that could commuting and artificial intelligence offer.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

What to watch as interest rates rise

Monitoring central bank interest rates isn’t the only way to gauge how tight credit conditions are in markets.

Goodwin heads for calmer waters

Profitability at British engineer Goodwin has slid in the past few years, but the outlook has greatly improved.

How the Budget affects SMEs

Monday’s Budget, though not quite as dramatic as some expected, contained several measures that are relevant to small businesses.

Making a claim in the small claims court

Be aware of your right to take someone to the small claims court: it can protect you if you’re owed money.

Complaining to the Financial Ombudsman to be made easier for SMEs

Over 200,000 more small businesses will soon be able to make use of the Financial Ombudsman Service, says David Prosser.

Moneymakers: airbag in a helmet is a lifesaver

The Hövding airbag bike helmet is worn as a collar and inflates into a hood around your head in a fraction of a second when its sophisticated algorithm detects an accident.

Houses for sale for around £800,000

This week: houses for around £800,000 – from a contemporary church conversion in Pudsey, Leeds, to a Grade II-listed Georgian townhouse in Whitby, North Yorkshire.                

Van Moof: the Tesla of electric bikes

The turbo boost on the stylish new Van Moof electric bike will bring a smile to your face. 

A seductive South American red

2016 Colomé
This Argentinian Malbec will show you what a genuinely seductive and accurate big red should taste like, says Matthew Jukes.

Inheritance tax fears for pensions

A landmark court case could bring certain pensions under the inheritance tax umbrella.

A growth fund that aims to deliver

After a disappointing few years, the future looks bright for the Baillie Gifford UK Growth Fund.

Friends save billionaire from scary Carey

If you’re obsessed with a dwindling fortune, marrying a renowned diva is probably not a good move.

Book of the week: predicting and exploiting market cycles

Book review: Mastering the Market Cycle
Howard Marks’ book is more rounded and nuanced than others that deal with the subject.

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