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Debenhams is the latest retailer to go down

The group fell into administration this week, marking another setback for Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley. Matthew Partridge reports.

Investors head for India

Voting in the world’s largest election began this week in India and this time investors are looking forward to the results.

Germany: is the gloom overdone?

Industrial orders in Germany have seen their sharpest drop in more than two years, defying hopes of a rebound in Europe’s largest economy. So what’s gone wrong?

A smorgasbord of delights

Sweden is a land of contrasts with something for everyone, says Jemma Slingo.

Betting on politics: the European elections

With the European elections coming up, Matthew Partridge weighs the odds to see which party is the favourite to grab the most seats – providing they go ahead in Britain.

The Pablo Escobar of falcon eggs

The kingpin of the trade in rare birds has been jailed. The prize for any successor will be great.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

Sun comes back out on Wall Street

US stocks are going from strength to strength as improved data drives confidence. Marina Gerner reports.

Give us truth and lower taxes, says France

After a nationwide debate, the French government is ready to move towards reforms.

Trump turns up heat on Iran

The US president has made Iran an outlaw state. Matthew Partridge reports.

A symptom of our quantitative-easing-addled world

That Saudi Arabian oil giant Saudi Aramco was able to borrow so cheaply on the markets is odd, says John Stepek.

The drugs don’t work: stopping the spread of the superbugs

Antibiotic resistance could turn medical inconveniences into death sentences and become a bigger killer than cancer. Governments and pharmaceutical companies are fighting back. Sarah Moore reports.

With Brexit retreating even further into the long grass, the UK looks cheap

So back goes the Brexit deadline once again, says John Stepek. It just goes to show that British stocks are undeniably good value.

Bitcoin has been bouncing – but is the bear market really behind us?

Bitcoin has been on the up over the past few months. So, is that it for the bear market, and what does the future hold for the cryptocurrency? Dominic Frisby investigates.

How to avoid being trapped by the lifetime allowance pensions cap

The lifetime allowance on pension savings could catch out those with modest incomes.

Holiday homes: how to buy a place in the sun

Furnished holiday homes can be a tax-efficient way of buying to let, says Sarah Moore.

“It’s the era of socially responsible investment – ooh hello, Saudi Aramco”

“Switched-on” investors like to talk up socially responsible investing, says John Stepek. But if you’re serious about doing it for real, you really need to do it for yourself.

Gold mining stocks will soon shine

The history of gold mining is so littered with stories of reckless optimism, fraud and ruin that the sector is often ignored. Yet investing in gold miners can be hugely profitable when gold prices are rising.

Delegate the search for the best energy deal

There is help to find the best energy deal for people who never get round to switching provider.

Mark Getty: “I’m one of those people everyone hates”

Mark Getty, grandson of oil baron Jean Paul, transformed a small picture library in Camden into a global $3bn business. He remains excited by its prospects. Jane Lewis reports.

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