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Tension is mounting in turbulent Thailand

Thailand has been in political turmoil for years, and the constant tension has hampered efforts to introduce structural reforms to boost efficiency.

Good news all round – but can it continue?

Wages are rising, inflation is falling, and homes are getting more affordable. John Stepek wonders how long all this good news can last.

How to catch the best of a bull market while dodging the big bears

Dominic Frisby outlines a beautifully simple, long-term trend-following strategy that works across most markets.

Judges Scientific: a scientific mini-conglomerate

Scientific-equipment maker Judges Scientific is expanding rapidly and doesn’t deserve to be ignored by investors, says Richard Beddard.

A trade war in the US is just the most obvious of China’s problems

The US wants to completely overhaul its trade relationship with China. That will have a significant effect on China’s economy. But it’s got plenty of other problems to worry about, too, says John Stepek.

How to avoid Airbnb headaches

Short-term lets on Airbnb can be a good way of making spare cash, but make sure you’re covered, says Sarah Moore.

Great frauds in history: Stanford’s great bank-bond heist

Matthew Partridge looks the fraud perpetrated by Robert Allen Stanford, which netted him $7bn from certificates of deposit.

Pensions drawdown disaster

Pension providers will have to offer default drawdown options after many savers ended up in cash funds that generated no investment growth and leave them worse off.

How self-driving cars could be the next genuinely useful investment bubble

There’s a huge amount of investment pouring into self-driving cars. It could turn out to be a “glorious bubble”, says John Stepek. Here’s what’s going on, and the best way to invest.

Betting on politics: the race for London mayor

It’s 15 months before the next London mayoral election, due to be held in May 2020, and already both the bookies and the betting exchanges are starting to offer some markets on the poll.

The watercolours that illustrate a vanishing natural world

Watercolours offer a glimpse of the world before film, says Chris Carter.

Make the most of your car

Cars are expensive to run, but you can make some money back from yours by renting it out when you’re not using it.

Safestore: a safe bet

We all have too many possessions – that’s good news for self-storage group Safestore, says Matthew Partridge.

Investments trusts: keeping it in the family

Controlling stakes in investment trusts provide a tax-efficient and convenient way for rich families to manage their wealth. Investors can take advantage of this, says Max King.

Inflation, Brexit and slowing economic growth: it’s a busy week for Britain

With another Brexit vote and inflation figures released in the UK, and US and China continuing to haggle over trade, John Stepek looks to the week ahead in the markets.

Howard Schultz: the coffee king running for US president

Howard Schultz, the man who took the Starbucks coffee chain global, has his eyes on America’s top job. But will he bottle it before the contest even begins?

The trouble with multinational corporations

Huge multinational corporations wield far too much power, concentrate wealth in the wrong hands, and undermine governments’ sovereignty, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Howard Marks: beware the rise of the anti-capitalists

In his latest memo to clients, billionaire distressed-debt investor Howard Marks admits he is increasingly concerned about rising “anti-capitalist sentiment” in the US.

Tap into India’s growth story with these three mid-cap stocks

Professional investor David Cornell of the India Capital Growth Fund picks three top-performing Indian mid-cap stocks for adventurous investors to buy now.

The four numbers that matter to financial markets

Four prices matter more than any others to financial markets, reckon researchers Gavekal. John Stepek explains what they are.

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