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Naim Mu-so: sparkling sound from a one-box wonder

Complicated set-up and bulky boxes are a thing of the past when it comes to  great-sounding hi-fi. Mick Sharp reports

A boom in Asian art

Wealthy buyers are pushing up prices of Asian antiques and artworks, says Chris Carter.

How to buy your own racehorse

The best way to buy a racehorse is to join a syndicate or racing club and buy a stake in your own racehorse, says Emma Lunn. But do it for the love of it, not the profits.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

The appeal of a private bank

Private banks have long been surrounded by an air of prestige. But is the service they provides worth the extra cost?

Can South Africa turn the corner?

Once a darling of emerging-market investors, South Africa became mired in endless corruption scandals under former president Jacob Zuma. Can Cyril Ramaphosa turn it around?

Australia heads to polls weary of turmoil

The Australian election on Saturday offers a chance to reset after a decade of political turmoil.

Sabre-rattling in the Middle East

Are America and Iran on the path to war? Matthew Partridge reports.

The mess at Metro Bank

Rumours of severe trouble at Metro Bank have badly rattled customers. It’s the latest episode in a sorry saga. Matthew Partridge reports.

MPs’ expenses scandal lives on

A decade on from the MPs’ expenses scandal and little has changed.

Farage victory would tip the balance

A Brexit Party win may concentrate minds in parliament and break the stalemate. Emily Hohler reports.

Trump's tweet triggers trade tariff tit-for-tat

On Monday the US president tweeted that “China should not retaliate” to increased tariffs. But two hours later Beijing announced $60bn of its own tariffs, which wiped more than $1trn off global stocks.

The fallout from the trade war: what next for Asia?

The trade war between the US and China has left Asian economies caught in the middle,

The most important thing investors need to do now

A period of lower market returns could lie ahead, so the one thing that is going to be more important than ever for investors is keeping costs down.

Cash in on cannabis as a new industry emerges

The prohibitionist era is over: countries are rapidly legalising marijuana for medical and recreational use. Ben Judge reviews the latest developments and explains how to profit from pot.

How to protect yourself from dividend disappointment

Vodafone just cut its dividend. And it’s not the only company on shaky ground. John Stepek explains what’s so great about dividends, and how to protect your portfolio from dividend cuts.

The bitcoin rollercoaster has started up again – hang on tight!

Sentiment on bitcoin has made an about turn and the cryptocurrency is back on the rise. Dominic Frisby explains why, and whether it’s time to buy bitcoin again.

Find profits in storage units

Storage unit providers are taking good advantage of people’s reluctance to throw anything away. You can too.

What investors should learn as Vodafone slashes its dividend

Despite assurances to the contrary, telecoms giant Vodafone is to cut its dividend for the first time since it started paying one in 1990. There’s one simple investment lesson that everyone should take from this, says John Stepek.

Trade wars are a stupid idea, but it seems we’re going to have one anyway

Global markets have reacted badly to the escalation of the US-China trade war. John Stepek looks at what’s going on and what it means for your money.

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