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Where to find Japan’s small, cash-rich bargain stocks

One of the few big opportunities in global markets is Japan’s small-cap value sector. And now there is finally a fund that focuses directly on this niche, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

A big trim for master-trust pension schemes

More than one in four master-trust pension schemes – which look after the retirement savings of millions of savers – are set to close.

If you'd invested in: Games Workshop and Connect Group

Nottingham’s Games Workshop has doubled its share price in the last year, while that of newspaper distributor and logistics firm Connect Group has slumped by two-thirds.

Three top-notch small European companies going cheap

Professional investor Francesco Conte picks three outstanding small European companies to buy now.

Ten years on, the debt bubble is bigger than ever

Ten years after a financial crisis caused by too much debt, the world has an even higher debt load.

Oil makes a break for the summit

Oil prices reached four-year highs of around $80 this week. And the fundamentals of the market point to even higher prices in the short term.

Nike – just buy it

Sportswear giant Nike has confounded the sceptics by remaining ahead of the competition.

Ethan Brown: the man turning meat-lovers vegan

Ethan Brown is on a mission to redefine the word “meat”, making burger patties, chicken strips and sausages from plant protein.

Chart of the week: cannabis is getting too high

The first ETF to track marijuana producers passed C$1bn in September, doubling its value in a year – but the sector is getting ahead of itself.

What Seinfeld teaches you about contrarian investing

Going against your instincts can be a profitable investment strategy as Seinfeld showed, says Matthew Partridge.

President Macron’s expensive tat

The French leader is resorting to some desperate measures in a drive to make money.

How small businesses can unlock the cash in their invoices

Changes in the law could help small and medium-sized enterprises unlock substantial sums tied up in their invoices.

Corporate debt: the big bubble to watch now

Ten years on from Lehman Brothers, where does the biggest risk lie? On corporate balance sheets.

Julian Dunkerton: Superdry’s serial entrepreneur

Julian Dunkerton started out selling clothes at a stall in Cheltenham in 1985. Now he has built a global brand present in 46 countries and is venturing into drinks and hotels. Jane Lewis reports.

How to stay safe on holiday

Travel insurance is one of the few forms of cover you absolutely must have, says Ruth Jackson. But check policies carefully before signing up.

Betting on politics: the futures of May and Corbyn

Matthew Partridge finds out who the betting market tips to be the next leaders of the Tories and Labour.

Brussels stands up to Orbán

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán suffers a humiliation at the hands of the European Parliament.

No answers on immigration

A new review provides ammunition for both sides. Matthew Partridge reports.

Peace with Kim – the least bad option

Accepting Kim Jong-un’s offer for nuclear disarmament may be naive, but it’s the best option on the table.

Trump ups the stakes in China trade war

The dispute over tariffs could be a foreshadowing of something far worse. Emily Hohler reports.

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