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Trump’s trade war is the perfect excuse for a market sell-off

Donald Trump’s determination to start a trade war has seen markets sell off. But Trump is a sideshow, says John Stepek. There are more fundamental reasons for markets to fall.

Chart of the week: feeling the squeeze

Tax revenues as a proportion of GDP are the highest since the early 1950s. We may have hit the limit of how much money the government can safely extract form the economy.

Three firms that will revolutionise healthcare

Professional investor Paul Major of the BB Healthcare Trust selects three promising medical stocks to buy now.

The world’s greatest investors: Angus Tulloch

Angus Tulloch’s strategy was simple but effective: buy well-run firms in industries with barriers to entry that are generating strong returns on capital.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

The rise of Igor Sechin – the Darth Vader of Russia

Igor Sechin holds no official position in the Kremlin, but many consider the Rosneft boss the most powerful man in Russia after the president. Will he determine Putin’s successor? Jane Lewis reports.

Investing in whisky: liquid profits on the blockchain

The whisky industry is steeped in history, but investing in the water of life has been brought up to date with P2P platforms and the blockchain.

Dennis Gartman: a “watershed” moment for stocks

With central banks slowly tightening monetary policy, and the the “violently random” trading environment of recent months, stocks are bound to suffer, says Dennis Gartman. It’s time to hold cash.

Putin won’t change Russia

Russia’s economy is stagnating, but Vladimir Putin – in power for 18 years and set for six more – shows scant interest in doing anything about it.

Shareholders: reclaim your voting rights

Dual-class voting structures are unacceptable – but it’s up to shareholders to hold firms to account, says John Stepek.

If you'd invested in: Anglo American and Northgate

Miner Anglo American has seen its share price quadruple, while vehicle-hire firm Northgate has suffered a slide in profits.

McMafia: a rollicking adventure with a message

DVD of the week: McMafia
Crime drama McMafia is a rollicing adventure that makes some good points about the extent to which dirty money has corrupted governments around the world.

In the footsteps of George Orwell

Book review: Hired, by James BloodworthIn this discomforting book, Bloodworth goes undercover to explore the world of casual labour.

How America could end up like Venezuela

Book review: Political Tribes, by Amy ChuaPolitics based around tribal identity is not healthy for a country.

Properties for sale for around £800,000

From a Grade II-listed, Georgian quayside house in Essex to a two-bedroom flat near the Tower of London, eight of the best properties for around £800,000.

How to spot tomorrow’s big stocks today

Technological advances have transformed our day-to-day lives – and made fortunes for sharp-eyed investors. But how do you spot future innovators? Dr Mike Tubbs investigates.

A mesmerisingly delicious white Beaujolais

This unique white Beaujolais is a delicate succulent chardonnay dressed in a diaphanous shift of subtle oak, says Matthew Jukes.

Washington's swamp gets boggier

US president Donald Trump promised to drain the Washington swamp. Instead, it has been showered with fresh cash.

Money makers: Pedalling organic coffee

When Maria de la Croix saw her friends selling coffee from a backpack, she liked the idea, says Chris Carter. But she also knew she could go one better.

Three beaches with soul

Not all beaches are alike – some are worth making an extra effort to search out, says Chris Carter.

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