Lambo’s fearsome raging bull

“At 8,000rpm the new Lamborghini Huracan howls like a pack of wolves gargling 98 Octane fuel,” says Chris Knapman in The Daily Telegraph. This is Lamborghini’s replacement for its Gallardo model, and it is fast. “Who’d have guessed? But it’s how it’s fast that’s the real point of interest here.”

Lambos are all about theatre, and the Huracan does not disappoint. To fire the engine you flick open a red cover on the starter button, “Top Gun-style”. Press the button, and the “cylinders obey with all the drama you’d expect, dropping to a busy and bassy idle before eventually a set of flaps in the exhaust close and the volume subsides slightly”.

The drama is controlled though, says Knapman, with “electronic safety nets to save you from yourself”. Select the Strada (road) driving mode, and the car is “laughably easy to drive”: its light steering and supple ride make it feel like an Audi supermini.

It is the most driveable Lambo yet, agrees James Mills in The Sunday Times, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have you grinning. The roar of the V10 is “glorious” and the acceleration “fearsome”.

There’s a slight feeling that the car has been tamed – but “this just means that the raging bull is less likely to gore its drivers”. It’s nice to “arrive home safe and sound in your precious near £190,000 supercar”, rather than have it transported back on a truck with bits missing.

It’s a beautiful piece of design, says AutoExpress, and the build quality sets new standards for the supercar class. By Lamborghini standards, this will be a best-seller.

Price: £188,000.
Tested: 5,204cc, V10 petrol, four-wheel drive
Power: 602bhp at 8,250rpm
Torque: 413lb ft at 6,500rpm
Top speed: 203mph
0-62mph: 3.2 seconds
Fuel economy: 22.6mpg (EU Combined)
Carbon emissions: 290g/km