Investment gurus

Stephanie Flanders: things are not going to plan

Faltering consumer confidence which raises the prospect of “a more significant economic slowdown in the second half of the year”, says JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders.

Bill Nygren: The bull has further to run

Oakmark Select’s Bill Nygren agrees that US stocks are expensive – but not overvalued.

Alistair Darling: Expect more gloom

The former chancellor of the exchequer was bang on the money when he predicted the worst in 2008. And he is particularly optimistic now.

Jim Chanos: bearish on America

Everything might look well in the world’s biggest economy. But shortseller Jim Chanos spies trouble ahead in the data.

Howard Marks: no fan of cryptocurrencies

The mania in cryptocurrencies is one more proof of the prevalence today of financial naivety.

Ken Griffin: upbeat on Trump's policies

Trump’s administration is a boon to American entrepreneurs, reckons hedge-fund founder Ken Griffin.

Kyle Bass: a long-term China bear

Chinese banks are running to stand still, reckons hedge-fund manager, Kyle Bass.

Marc Faber: Still bearish

Investment guru Marc Faber reckons we could be heading for an epic decline in asset prices.

The world’s greatest investors: Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass made $500m after buying credit default swaps on US subprime mortgage securities in the run up to the financial crisis.

Hugh Hendry: Macron's victory will see bond yields rise

Hugh Hendry

Macron’s win is a victory for the status quo, says Hugh Hendry, which mans European sovereign bon yields will start to rise.

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