Investment gurus

John Redwood: bullish on Asia

Asian markets have started to come back to the party after several years of poor performance, reckons strategist John Redwood.

Richard Thaler: the less attention you pay, the more money you'll have

Richard Thaler

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author, academic and fund manager Richard Thaler about pensions freedom, central bankers and fund management fees.

Ned Davis: wary of high valuations

The US stock-market has continued to do well in recent months, despite high valuations, but contrarian investor Ned Davis of Ned Davis Research is wary.

Where to search for hidden gems

Lorry in India © Getty Images

Funds are getting so big they can’t stoop to pick up smaller firms. That’s great for nimbler players such as Nick Greenwood, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Jim Cramer: The bull has further to run

The manic presenter of the Mad Money show on CNBC and founder of is bullish.

Jamie Dimon: no fan of bitcoin

It’s not the technology that investment bank boss Jamie Dimon has a problem with. It’s the cryptocurrency.

Michael Lindsell: Why I snapped up Man U for my investment fund

Lindsell Train has notched up considerable success by focusing on a few core stocks. Merryn Somerset Webb talked to Michael Lindsell about his strategy.

The world’s greatest investors: James Simons

James Simons started his hedge fund in 1978. Between 1989 and 2016, he returned just under 40% a year after fees.

Jeremy Grantham: investors are waking up to climate change

Investors are starting to pay attention to the risks that climate change poses, says Jeremy Grantham of US fund manager GMO.

The world’s greatest investors: Leon Levy

Leon Levy © Rex Features

Leon Levy made a fortune from betting against the crowd.

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