Investment gurus

Jeffrey Gundlach: gold to explode

No need to predict the rising price of gold – the market will prove it soon enough.

Mark Mobius: US stocks could fall by 30%

Mark Mobius

All the indicators point to a looming 30% fall in the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, says investor Mark Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners.

Jonathan Ruffer: Get ready for more

Jonathan Ruffer of Ruffer Investments reckons the recent volatility in share prices is just the beginning.

Nouriel Roubini: Trade wars are a negative sum game

Investing guru Nouriel Roubini reckons that if America launches a trade war, there won’t be any winners.

Terry Smith: Ignore global events

Fund manager Terry Smith thinks basing your investment decisions on global events is a waste of time.

Mario Gabelli: buy baseball

Mario Gabelli, founder, chairman and chief executive of GAMCO Investors, thinks investors should own a piece of a baseball team.

The world’s greatest investors: Angus Tulloch

Angus Tulloch

Angus Tulloch’s strategy was simple but effective: buy well-run firms in industries with barriers to entry that are generating strong returns on capital.

Dennis Gartman: a “watershed” moment for stocks

With central banks slowly tightening monetary policy, and the the “violently random” trading environment of recent months, stocks are bound to suffer, says Dennis Gartman. It’s time to hold cash.

The world’s greatest investors: Hugh Young

Hugo Young

Effective companies are about people working well together, says Hugo Young, manager of the Aberdeen Global Asia Pacific Equity Fund.

Nick Train: protectionism is the biggest threat

It’s not inflation and rising interest rates investors should be worried about, reckons fund manager Nick Train. It’s protectionism.

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