Investment gurus

Lessons from Buffett’s latest letter: stay patient and avoid debt

Warren Buffett released the latest letter from his investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, at the weekend. John Stepek looks at what advice the Sage of Omaha has for investors.

Mervyn King: The problem of debt

The former Bank of England governor reckons public and private debt are the biggest threats to the financial system.

The world’s greatest investors: Francisco García Paramés

Spanish value investor Francisco García Paramés has enjoyed annualised returns of 16% over 25 years.

Peter Schiff: US stocks fall no surprise

The fall in US stock prices has been a long time in coming, reckons investment guru Peter Schiff.

The world’s greatest investors: Cheah Cheng Hye

Cheah Cheng Hye – dubbed “Goldfinger” and the “Asian Warren Buffett” – is the co-founder and chairman of Hong Kong-based Value Partners Group.

Bill Gross: a turning point for bonds

Bill Gross of Janus Henderson reckons we’ve seen the turning point in bonds as the 35-year bear market “is starting to come out of hibernation”.

Giles Hargreave: get ready for volatility

While a recession in the near-term seems unlikely, investors should prepare for more volatility in the markets.

Ray Dalio: the sun is shining on the global economy

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, thinks conditions in the global economy look “pretty sunny”. But for investors, political issues are now more important than macroeconomic ones.

Satyajit Das: The market is too optimistic

Optimists think all is well in the wider economy. Author Satyajit Das is not so sure.

Albert Edwards: Bitcoin is a bubble

That bitcoin is in a bubble is beyond doubt, reckons investment guru Albert Edwards. The trouble is, it’s distracting us from another bubble.

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