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Scott Minerd: the collapse in corporate credit

Scott Minerd, chief investment officer, Guggenheim Partners © Getty Images

The slide and collapse in investment-grade credit has begun, says Scott Minerd, chief investment officer of Guggenheim Partners.

David Stockman: Trump is playing with fire

David Stockman, former US government budget director

It’s safe to say that David Stockman, former US government budget director, is not impressed by President Donald Trump

Steve Eisman: I'll short Britain if Corbyn gets in

Steve Eisman, managing director, Neuberger Berman Group

Steve Eisman has a basket of about 50 stocks he would short if Britain ends up with a “Trotskyite” prime minister.

Paul Volcker: the US is in a "hell of a mess"

Paul Volcker © Getty Images

Paul Volcker, former chair of America’s central bank, isn’t happy about the state of the USA.

David Rosenberg: nothing beats the Fed

David Rosenberg © Getty images

Following the 1987 crash, the Fed cut rates rapidly, establish the so-called “Greenspan Put”. Investors can expect no such repeat.

Albert Edwards: investors are facing the four horsemen of the apocalypse

Luigi di Maio © Getty Images

The big four issues facing markets right now: a jump in US bond yields; an escalating trade war; weakening emerging-market currencies; and the battle in the eurozone over Italy’s budget plans.

Felix Zulauf: the world of managed economies

Felix Zulauf © Getty images

Wealth manager Felix Zulauf reckons we can wave goodbye to free-market economies.

Ray Dalio: beware a dollar slump

US dollar bill

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund, has warned the dollar could lose almost a third of its value.

Peter Schiff: the buck is heading for bust

Peter Schiff

America is slipping into a recession and yet everybody is blind to it.

Satyajit Das: textbook recipe for an emerging-market crisis

Satyajit Das © Getty Images

The current turbulence of emerging markets should not come as a surprise to anyone, says Satyajit Das.

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