Investment gurus

Howard Marks: beware the rise of the anti-capitalists

Howard Marks, founder of Oaktree Capital © Getty

In his latest memo to clients, billionaire distressed-debt investor Howard Marks admits he is increasingly concerned about rising “anti-capitalist sentiment” in the US.

Albert Edwards: the financial ice age is coming

Ultra bear Albert Edwards told a conference in London this month that yields on US government debt will slide below zero percent during the next recession.

Russell Napier: the end of the euro is nigh

Russell Napier, Author, market strategist, founder of research platform ERIC

The current global monetary system is coming to an end – and the euro could be the main casualty, warns analyst and financial historian Russell Napier.

Jeremy Siegel: get ready for the rally

Jeremy Siegel © Getty images

Stockmarkets could be getting ready to rally from their recent sharp sell off, reckons investment guru Jeremy Siegel.

Alan Greenspan: the bull market is over

Alan Greenspan © Getty Images

Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, is worried that the US is heading for a period of stagflation.

It's not been all bad news for emerging markets

Jeffrey Gundlach © Getty images

Emerging markets have had a tough year. Still, as investment guru Jeffrey Gundlach notes, they’ve still outperformed global indices.

Ray Dalio: the warning light is flickering

Ray Dalio © Getty images

A full-blown crisis may not be imminent, but investors should nevertheless be wary.

Jim Rogers: what to buy now

Jim Rogers

Commodities will shine again, says professional investor Jim Rogers – but there are still some equity markets worth putting your money into.

Scott Minerd: the collapse in corporate credit

Scott Minerd, chief investment officer, Guggenheim Partners © Getty Images

The slide and collapse in investment-grade credit has begun, says Scott Minerd, chief investment officer of Guggenheim Partners.

David Stockman: Trump is playing with fire

David Stockman, former US government budget director

It’s safe to say that David Stockman, former US government budget director, is not impressed by President Donald Trump

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