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Charlie Munger: bailing out the banks was the right thing to do

Ben Bernanke © Getty Images

Bailing out the banks using quantitative easing after the 2008 financial crisis was the right thing to do, says Charlie Munger, the vice-president of Berkshire Hathaway.

Yngve Slyngstad: ignore Brexit and carry on

Brexit protesters © Getty

Yngve Slyngstad, who runs Norway’s $1trn investment fund, says investors should pay scant attention to Brexit headlines and think instead of the very long-term.

Howard Marks: beware the rise of the anti-capitalists

Howard Marks, founder of Oaktree Capital © Getty

In his latest memo to clients, billionaire distressed-debt investor Howard Marks admits he is increasingly concerned about rising “anti-capitalist sentiment” in the US.

Albert Edwards: the financial ice age is coming

Ultra bear Albert Edwards told a conference in London this month that yields on US government debt will slide below zero percent during the next recession.

Russell Napier: the end of the euro is nigh

Russell Napier, Author, market strategist, founder of research platform ERIC

The current global monetary system is coming to an end – and the euro could be the main casualty, warns analyst and financial historian Russell Napier.

Jeremy Siegel: get ready for the rally

Jeremy Siegel © Getty images

Stockmarkets could be getting ready to rally from their recent sharp sell off, reckons investment guru Jeremy Siegel.

Alan Greenspan: the bull market is over

Alan Greenspan © Getty Images

Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, is worried that the US is heading for a period of stagflation.

It's not been all bad news for emerging markets

Jeffrey Gundlach © Getty images

Emerging markets have had a tough year. Still, as investment guru Jeffrey Gundlach notes, they’ve still outperformed global indices.

Ray Dalio: the warning light is flickering

Ray Dalio © Getty images

A full-blown crisis may not be imminent, but investors should nevertheless be wary.

Jim Rogers: what to buy now

Jim Rogers

Commodities will shine again, says professional investor Jim Rogers – but there are still some equity markets worth putting your money into.

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