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Mark Mobius: beware the communist threat

Mark Mobius © Getty images

The legendary investor is used to iffy regimes in far-flung countries – now it’s Britain and the US that are unnerving him.

A. Gary Shilling: a recession is coming

A. Gary Shilling, president, A. Gary Shilling & Co © Getty Images

A. Gary Shilling was among the few investors to correctly predict a lengthy stagnation in the wake of the financial crisis. Now he’s warning of a recession.

Steve Eisman: short Canada

Steve Eisman

Steve Eisman, the man who made his name by betting against the US housing market ahead of the subprime crash in 2008 now has Canada in his sites.

Jeremy Grantham: keen on emerging markets

Jeremy Grantham © Getty images

Value investor Jeremy Grantham sees better opportunities in emerging markets than in the US over the long term.

Christopher Wood: buy China and India

Christopher Wood, Asia-Pacific markets strategist, CLSA

If you’re after cheap stocks, head to China and India, says analyst and author Christopher Wood.

Kyle Bass: China's stealing needs confronting

Kyle Bass © Getty images

Hedge-fund manager Kyle Bass thinks the US should confront China over the stealing of its technology.

Warren Buffett: looking for an elephant

Warren Buffett © Getty images

The Sage of Omaha is on the hunt for promising companies, but he may have to be patient.

Charlie Munger: bailing out the banks was the right thing to do

Ben Bernanke © Getty Images

Bailing out the banks using quantitative easing after the 2008 financial crisis was the right thing to do, says Charlie Munger, the vice-president of Berkshire Hathaway.

Yngve Slyngstad: ignore Brexit and carry on

Brexit protesters © Getty

Yngve Slyngstad, who runs Norway’s $1trn investment fund, says investors should pay scant attention to Brexit headlines and think instead of the very long-term.

Howard Marks: beware the rise of the anti-capitalists

Howard Marks, founder of Oaktree Capital © Getty

In his latest memo to clients, billionaire distressed-debt investor Howard Marks admits he is increasingly concerned about rising “anti-capitalist sentiment” in the US.

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