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US housing market wobbles

The US housing market's recovery from the global financial crisis of 2008, which has seen prices hit new all-time highs, may be beginning to falter. 

Three reasons why US house prices have further to fall

September turned out to be a particularly ugly month in the US property market as the median price of a new home fell 9.7%. But this is nothing compared to the likely speed at which prices will fall next year.

Tipping point for the US housing market

Marc Lichtenfield reports back on the latest developments in the US housing market – and reveals why he’s urging anyone with a house to sell to offload it as soon as possible.

US housing: bad and getting worse

Tuesday brought more bad news from the sector that kicked off the credit crisis. The Case-Shiller Home Price Index registered its biggest fall since it began in 1987 – and the figures are set to get worse.

Is the US housing market crumbling?

The US housing market is critical to the health of the US consumer – which means it is also crucial for the global economy, say Andrew Selsby and John Robson of RH Asset Management. But the stream of bad news coming out of the sector suggests that the US property market is on its last legs. Is a hard landing for the US economy just around the corner?

Is the US housing market correcting or crashing?

Many financial commentators believe the US housing market is set for a soft landing. But the property market bears all the classic hallmarks of a bubble, says Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management.

Beware the pitfalls of foreign property

The whole buy-abroad boom has been predicated on one single promise: you cannot lose with property. But the truth is very different, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How to make money just by showing up

Making money in sub-prime mortgage lending was so easy, it looked almost too good to be true. Guess what? asks Bill Bonner. It was.

Is subprime today's dot-com?

Subprime could – like internet stocks earlier in the decade – be the pin that pricks a much larger bubble, says Stephen Roach. So what form will the spillover from the housing market to the wider economy take?

A lesson for US mortgage lenders

Rising foreclosure rates could exert further downward pressure on US house prices. Will US mortgage lenders bear in mind the lessons of the last UK house price crash and act to contain the subprime collapse?

How (not) to fix a housing crash

Ben Bernanke may have assured US politicians that the US sub-prime mortgage collapse is ‘under control’. However, he has a lesson to learn from the last UK housing crash about the dangers of cheap money.

Why the US subprime lending spree could end in tears

Subprime mortgage loans have boomed in the US, but the bursting of America’s housing bubble now threatens major repercussions for financial markets. How far will the rot spread?

Gloom lifts over US housing market? Don't buy it

Some property bulls may be jumping for joy at the news that US housing starts rose again in December. Are they right in thinking that the market has troughed? Look a little deeper and you get a nasty surprise.

A cautionary tale from the US property bubble

If the festive season’s giving you a headache, says John Stepek, spare a thought for American Will Hertzberg, proud owner of a ‘pay option’ loan. That’s a mortgage on which monthly payments don’t even cover the interest.

US housing market is different this time - it's worse

Cris Sholto Heaton looks at how the huge number of risky loans issued to fuel the US housing market could worsen the fallout.

The US housing market and domino economics

Domino economics is the simplest of all concepts: when one domino falls an adjacent domino will subsequently fall and so on and so forth. One domino on its way down is the US housing market – but what will fall next?

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