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US housing market wobbles

The US housing market's recovery from the global financial crisis of 2008, which has seen prices hit new all-time highs, may be beginning to falter. 

How the US banking crisis will strangle the mortgage market

The US government may have deemed Fannie and Freddie too big to fail, but as far as the rest of the banking system goes, it’s every man for himself. And there are plenty more banks that won’t be so lucky.

Turning sub-prime misery into vacation homes

US Government-sponsored mortgage behemoth Fannie Mae is cashing in on the American property slump by marketing foreclosed real estate as ‘holiday homes’ to UK buyers, finds Adrian Ash.

Are central banks really to blame for the housing bubble?

Two respected economists are arguing that the Federal Reserve wasn’t at fault for the US housing bubble. Robert P. Murphy investigates their claims…

An estimated $2.4 trillion has been lost on the US housing market

So far, $2.4 trillion is predicted to have been lost on the US housing market. Meanwhile, the S&P500 has seen earnings slide by 23% in less than six months…

Rate cuts haven't stopped the US housing crash

The pundits have been unanimous in their congratulations of yesterday’s rate cut. But whatever spin property salespeople put on it, it won’t make much difference to house prices. Just look at what’s happening in the US.

Why is the US prolonging subprime misery?

Hope Now has ostensibly been set up to support US subprime borrowers facing a huge jump in mortgage repayments. It looks more like a misguided policy destined to prolong the US-housing led slump forever, says Adrian Ash.

Could the US housing market crash?

The US property market will not suffer a hard landing, says Mike Shedlock of Whiskey and Gunpowder. That’s because the outcome will be a lot worse.

US housing data gives the Fed a fright

Wall Street expects the US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates for a second time this year later today, after a slew of negative housing data indicated the economy could be slipping into recessionary territory.

The US housing bubble has popped - what now?

From collapsing consumer confidence to a housing market in freefall, even the optimists are struggling to find anything positive to say about the American economy. What does this mean for the UK?

How the US housing slump will affect us all

The entire world’s economy rests on the price of houses in America. The bad news is, they’re falling fast. So what does this mean for global stockmarkets? asks James Ferguson…

How the US housing slowdown is fueling inflation

Inflation keeps ticking higher in the US. And strange as it may seem, it will keep rising for as long as the US housing market slowdown continues. Here’s why.

The biggest threat to the world economy keeps growing

In these days of sunshine and cheap money it seems as though nothing can keep investors rattled for too long. But in one corner of the world economy, things just keep getting worse. John Stepek explains why US house prices are set to keep on falling.

The rot in the US housing market keeps spreading

There’s nothing that government agencies are quite so good at as slamming shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. The Federal Reserve, the US central bank, gave us a great example of this on Friday, as it warned that lenders in the sub-prime market would have to be much more careful about who they gave money to.

Is the UK next in line for a subprime housing crisis?

The International Monetary Fund has predicted that the subprime problem in the US will continue to unfold ‘at least through 2008’. What’s more, the IMF says that the UK has a similar subprime problem…

Property abroad: take advantage of the ailing dollar

The weakness of the dollar means that if you want a second home abroad, now might be a good time to buy. And the best place to look is in America’s back yard: the Eastern Caribbean.

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