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US housing market wobbles

The US housing market's recovery from the global financial crisis of 2008, which has seen prices hit new all-time highs, may be beginning to falter. 

US housing market on shaky foundations

The US property market has seen some of the weakest data since house prices finally began to recover after the financial crisis.

Are there still opportunities in global property?

The worldwide housing bull market is on its last legs. But not all countries are equally vulnerable to a downturn. Sarah Moore surveys two that are still worth a look.

US housing market wobbles

The US housing market’s recovery from the global financial crisis of 2008, which has seen prices hit new all-time highs, may be beginning to falter. 

What the US housing market reveals about future inflation

Where the US economy leads, the world often follows. And right now, the US housing market is booming again. Here’s what that means for inflation and for you.

Chart of the week: a bubble in the US property market?

American house prices have regained their credit bubble highs. Prices are rising at an annual rate of 5.9%, the fastest in almost three years; this figure peaked at 16% in 2004.

The cause of the next financial crisis might surprise you

The next financial crisis may not have its roots in stocks, commodities or bonds. In fact, it could be caused by the same thing that caused the last one.

The world’s most bubbly housing markets

Swiss bank UBS has compiled an index of the most bubbly housing markets in the world. No prizes for guessing who comes top.

Looking for property bargains? Don’t turn to the US

Since the sub-prime bust, US property has been recovering nicely. Many experts expect that to continue. But Matthew Partridge isn’t so sure. Here, he explains why.

US housing recovery sputters

America’s two-year housing market rebound appears to be running out of steam.

The best way to profit as the US housing recovery continues

America’s house prices have risen by 15% in the last two years. And there’s life in the recovery yet. Matthew Partridge picks the best way to play US property.

An adventurous play on the US housing recovery

America’s housing market is going from strength to strength. So how can you profit? John Stepek picks a high-risk play for adventurous investors.

America's housing recovery gathers speed

House prices in America are rising at their fastest rate since 2006.

American property has turned the corner - the time to buy is now

We’re at the beginning of a multi-year recovery story in the US property market. But what are the best investments? David C Stevenson explains.

The US property recovery is here to stay – here’s what to buy

After a long and painful slide, US property prices have started to pick up this year. And this recovery is set to last. Here, Matthew Partridge picks the best ways for you to profit.

Housing recovery boosts US economy

America’s housing recovery is gaining momentum, according to the latest data, and it is bolstering other parts of the economy too.

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