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Chinese stocks remain a buy for brave investors

Investors in China have had a big scare, writes Rupert Foster. But Chinese equities remain a very strong buy.

Voters were bullied and lied to to get Britain into the EU

The British people were told quite clearly that we were voting to join a Common Market, not a United States of Europe. We were lied to, writes Ian Taylor.

'Brexit' could mean Greek-style austerity for Britain

If ‘political knee-jerks triumph over economic reality’ and the UK leaves the EU, we’d see austerity ‘as hard as Greece has endured’, writes Howard Timms.

Time to end the European experiment and 'get back to basics'

It is time to end the European experiment, and with it the euro and the entire extra-national federal system of laws and regulations, writes David Jones.

Take Greece's credit card away

Greece should be treated like a wayward teenager, writes Adrian Bowden, and have all spending privileges revoked. Plus, David Hoare and HJ Neeser give their views on the crisis.

Greece should leave the euro, but stay in the EU

Greece could never really afford to join the euro, writes Rowland Raikes. It should leave the eurozone, while still enjoying all the benefits of the EU.

Greece is 'changing Europe for the better'

Greece deserves proper recognition for what it is doing, writes Benedict Birnberg – instilling some honesty into Europe and changing it for the better.

Europe should bid Greece goodbye

Greece is to blame for its problems, writes Terry Whitehead. It would be better all round if Europe just said goodbye.

China is a bubble, try here instead

For investors, there are far too many issues in China, writes Anthony Smith. But Indonesia is a different story.

Your views on electric cars and lithium

We’ve been covering the subject of electric cars in some depth recently, and it’s provoked a variety of responses from readers. Here are just some of them.

Why the SNP isn't so keen on full fiscal autonomy

Scotland’s voters should be asking themselves why the SNP is backing away from the idea of full fiscal autonomy, writes Kevin Hague.

China is following Japan's rise to prosperity

I wholeheartedly agree with Merryn’s optimism on the Chinese stockmarket ­and her comparison with Japan, writes Rupert Foster.

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