The MoneyWeek portfolio of investment trusts

MoneyWeek's editor-in-chief, Merryn Somerset Webb, has created a portfolio of six investment trusts.

Why investment trusts? Because they have a record of beating unit trusts, and tend to be cheaper; and because their closed structure means they can more easily make long-term value investments.

We’ve also called in a few experts – Simon Elliott from Winterflood, Alan Brierley from Canaccord Genuity, and the team from Rossie House, an Edinburgh-based private client manager (where, for the sake of transparency, we should tell you Merryn's husband works). They’ve all offered five suggestions for our portfolio, and Merryn's picked the ones she thinks work best for us. They are in the table below.

Portfolio last updated March 2019

Investment trust Ticker One-year return Total return NAV at 11/03/19 Prem/disc at 10/12/18 Fwd yield
Caledonia Investments CLDN 8.5% 86.1% 3,487 p -15.7% 2.0%
Personal Assets PNL 1.7% 23.7% 39,508p 1.4% 1.4%
Scottish Mortgage SMT 3.4% 307.4% 481p 2.3% 0.6%
RIT Capital RCP 8.5% 86.8% 1,865p 10.3% 1.6%
Law Debenture Corp LWDB 2.1% 26.8% 656p -10.4% 3.2%
Temple Bar TMPL 6.6% 14.2% 1,315p -2.5% 3.6%

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