Finding the next Facebook

Professional investor Ruth Richards tips three venture capital trusts to buy. Not only are they tax efficient, you might just land the next tech giant.

Aim makes its mark at last

London’s Alternative Market performed poorly during its first 20 years – but investors can no longer afford to ignore its 1,254 companies, says Max King.

Just what is a fund anyway?

There are two main types of fund out there for investors to invest in. Merryn Somerset Webb explains how they work, and which is her favourite.

Video: Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stockmarket. Ed Bowsher explains why at MoneyWeek, we much prefer them to other funds.

How to profit from the mundane metals miners

A decade-long mining boom has ended. A lack of discoveries today means a shortfall – and price rises – tomorrow. Zinc and lead may not seem thrilling, but Dominic Frisby is getting excited.

Why you must be invested in Europe

For all its faults, Europe is bouncing back. Max King tips the best funds for investors to get stuck in.

The price of being ethical

Even if you are sceptical about ethical investing, it’s worth being aware of its growing popularity with big investors, says John Stepek.

How novelty ETFs just got eye-catchingly sexier

David C Stevenson takes a look at some of the newest crop of novelty ETFs, and asks whether they’re any good.

Why you should back tortoises in Asia

When buying Asian-focused funds for your portfolio, it’s worth investing with managers who take a long-term view, says Max King.

Not so smart beta?

John Stepek explains how the world of so-called smart beta is undergoing a replicability crisis.

Should you steer clear of fund offerings?

Is it good for investors when a fund issues new shares? Max King investigates.

How to spot the true “dividend heroes”

Investment trusts are increasingly drawing on capital reserves to boost dividends. Learn to identify and sidestep the tactic’s pitfalls and you could profit, says Sarah Moore.

Funds for a global portfolio

Holding international stocks is one of the best ways to build a more balanced portfolio. Cris Sholto Heaton picks five global funds with distinctive strategies.

The best investment idea to back now

The NHS ransomware affair highlighted the need for ever better cyber security. David C Stevenson tips the best funds to profit.

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A simple, easy to manage portfolio of six of the best investment trusts, selected by Merryn Somerset Webb, offering defensiveness, stability, exposure to growth, and some income.