Finding the next Facebook

Professional investor Ruth Richards tips three venture capital trusts to buy. Not only are they tax efficient, you might just land the next tech giant.

Aim makes its mark at last

London’s Alternative Market performed poorly during its first 20 years – but investors can no longer afford to ignore its 1,254 companies, says Max King.

Just what is a fund anyway?

There are two main types of fund out there for investors to invest in. Merryn Somerset Webb explains how they work, and which is her favourite.

Video: Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stockmarket. Ed Bowsher explains why at MoneyWeek, we much prefer them to other funds.

A one-stop shop for global small caps

Setting up global smaller-companies funds is a tall order. Max King tips two that have managed to pull it off.

It’s not too late to back the British Empire

British Empire Trust has an eclectic portfolio of assets, but its focus on value looks attractive, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The cost of confidence in investments

We often talk about the importance of a fund manager having high conviction in their investments, says Cris Sholto Heaton. But sometimes too much conviction can go badly wrong.

Be brave and venture into emerging Europe

Parts of Eastern Europe may be cheap for a reason, says David C Stevenson. But that doesn’t necessarily make them bad investments.

What a fund star rating tells you

John Stepek explains the ins and outs of fund star ratings, and why investors cannot always rely on them.

A low-cost way to buy global property

Sarah Moore looks at a cost-effective way of buying property abroad.

Buy into this trust – then forget about it

Max King tips one fund with a proven record to hold for the long term.

A fund that pays a tempting 7% yield

This week, I’m going to begin building the two income portfolios I outlined last month with a fund that will be included in both portfolios.

Don’t ignore this veteran fund

New funds may be grabbing all the attention, says David C Stevenson. But investors shouldn’t avoid these veterans.

How to invest in the next Google while it’s still small

Picking the start-up stars of the future can be a potential minefield, but listed incubators and accelerators offer some great buying opportunities, says Frédéric Guirinec.

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A simple, easy to manage portfolio of six of the best investment trusts, selected by Merryn Somerset Webb, offering defensiveness, stability, exposure to growth, and some income.