The Budget

Rates relief for smaller businesses

Branch of Toys R Us © iStock

Many smaller companies will pay less in business rates than expected next year, thanks to a last-minute concession announced in the Budget.

A surprise boost for start-ups

The government’s crackdown on low-risk assets vying for venture cash is good news for small business owners, says David Prosser.

How the Budget will affect you

The Budget may have been boring. But as Ruth Jackson explains, for pensioners that’s a good thing.

Buy-to-let investors need to do their sums

In his recent Budget, Philip Hammond promised there will be “more maths for everyone”. That’s going to be especially true for buy-to-let investors, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Hammond's fiddling sees him through

The chancellor can’t have been looking forward to the Budget this week, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But in the end, it wasn’t so bad.

Budget 2017: it could have been worse

Yesterday’s Budget was largely uncontroversial, with the chancellor not dropping any obvious clangers. John Stepek casts his eye over the main points, and explains what they mean for you.

What’s on the cards for next week’s Budget?

Emily Hohler looks ahead to the chancellor’s Budget speech next week.

Hammond backs down on tax rise for self-employed

Philip Hammond © Getty images

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been forced to backpedal on his plans to raise national insurance contributions for the self-employed.

Dividend-tax grab shows why Isas and pensions still matter

Philip Hammond’s 2017 budget is another reminder that assuming that the tax system won’t change is always a dangerous foundation for financial planning.

The chancellor hasn’t finished fiddling yet

The self employed shouldn’t relax yet, says Merryn Somerset Webb. One way or another, Philip Hammond will be back to tax them.

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